With so many of us living in grey formidable cities, it’s no wonder we all crave a little colour now and then. Little reminders can be found in the objects we carry around each day, or in the things that surround us in our homes. Whether you love your tropical hues in the form of punchy watermelon reds, glacial pool blues or bright bursts of pineapple yellow, the tropical colour scheme is one that keeps a smooth flow of good vibes running.

While we’re talking colours of the tropics, here’s my toast to life’s colourful pleasures, beautiful objects d’art and accessories that will easily build a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that you will love chilling to. You can shop these colours of the tropics and more online at Travelshopa Collections.

Ceramic Cup Set | The Shophouse | Travelshopa Collections

I love the intricate Japanese-inspired patterns on these blue and white ceramic cups. Place them together on a white mantelpiece or shelf or scatter them around the house along with some green plants, you’ll soon find that these make the perfect accessories for your tropical-inspired home!

Pineapple Mirror | Shiva Designs Bespoke | Travelshopa Collections

Pineapples were and still are having a moment and this gorgeous wooden mirror by Shiva Designs Bespoke couldn’t get any more tropical island-chic if it wanted to. Hang it on a bare feature wall with a selection of other kooky frames or place it on your bedroom table with your trophy collection of photos, trinkets and jewellery. These evergreen symbols of summer will make a welcome gift for friends or family with eclectic tastes.

Lolita Tassel Lariat | Stones That Rock | Travelshopa Collections

Oh I am already picturing this with loose bohemian dresses for summer, particularly those drenched in delicate scarf prints and paired with embellished sandals. Add a sparkle of glamour to your poolside outfits with this gold quartz crystal lariat from Stones That Rock, finished with two oval roundelles and beaded tassels!


1. Ceramic Cups Set | The Shophouse

2. Pineapple Mirror | Shiva Designs Bespoke

3. Lolita Tassel Lariat | Stones That Rock




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