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Causing a little bit of a stir in Hong Kong is the vibrant little hood of PoHo. PoHo is shorthand for Po Hing Fong, one of the streets centering this charming aged neighbourhood consisting of Tai Ping Shan and its surrounding streets. A once sleepy, residential town identifiable for its ramshackle low-rise tenements and small family-owned shops, PoHo has been jolted from its slumber by an influx of independent boutiques, concept stores, artist galleries and cafes.

Cherished for its low-key, surburban vibe, PoHo’s atmospheric streets and tranquil green gardens are the perfect solvent for the day’s troubles. Many of the streets remain pedestrianized, making exploration by foot a thoroughly enjoyable affair. Traipse through the shady streets of Tai Ping Shan peppered with vintage shops and other well laid out boutiques. Then you’ll want to nip in at Sai Street and Upper Station Street for one-of-a-kind shops that offer everything from Parisian décor and luxury leather accessories to divine-smelling scented candles.

Made plans to go shopping in PoHo? Read on for the stores you need to visit!




Artsy and quirky furniture and homeware

12 Tai Ping Shan Street, PoHo, Hong Kong

a.Style aspires to inject art and style into our homes. Trendy designs are curated from all around the world, focusing on emerging British designers. Their product ranges from vintage-inspired furniture to quirky and fun homeware that is both stylish and unique.

 a.Style | Guide to Shopping in PoHo | Hong Kong | Travelshopa
 a.Style | Guide to Shopping in PoHo | Hong Kong | Travelshopa



ABoDE Design

Cutting edge artwork and designer furniture

Tai Shan House, 32-34 Tai Ping Shan Street, PoHo, Hong Kong

This design store features some cutting edge art pieces suitable for businesses and homes. Their home décor, artwork and installations are sleek, each distinct in it’s own way. Moreover, you’re given complete freedom when it comes to designing custom pieces, to satisfy the interior designer in you. Aspiring designers are encouraged to sell their work in their store where they’ll assist in the branding and marketing of their work.



Amelie & Tulips

Vintage furniture with a pop of colour

56 Sai Street, PoHo, Hong Kong

White Scandinavian furniture has grown to be a popular favourite in interior design. Now, who says this popular theme can’t go all crazy with colour? Amelie & Tulips puts a fun and hip take on Scandinavian furniture with a mix of pastel and bright colours. They also feature a variety of handpicked vintage furniture and cotemporary art so be sure to keep a look out for these pieces!



Chateau Zoobeetle

Parisan luxury and leather goods

38- 40 Sai Street, PoHo, Hong Kong

Immerse yourselves into one of the greatest fashion capitals in the world at Sai Street! Chateau Zoobeetle mirrors the interior of a modern Parisian apartment with a selection of vintage décor pieces and furniture. Its two-storey boutique features a curated selection of ready-to-wear Parisian accessories and cosmetics. Our current favourite is their collection of exotic and elegant luggage tags made from snakeskin!

Chateau Zoobeetle | Guide to Shopping in PoHo | Hong Kong | Travelshopa

 Chateau Zoobeetle | Guide to Shopping in PoHo | Hong Kong | Travelshopa
 Chateau Zoobeetle | Guide to Shopping in PoHo | Hong Kong | Travelshopa



Fame Fabrics

Motorised blinds, curtain & sofa designs

Shop 1, G/F, Po Hing Court, 10- 18 Po Hing Fong, PoHo, Hong Kong

Fame fabrics has been in the industry with over 10 years of experience in beautifying homes, shops and clubhouses. The team provides tailor-made designs and professional tips to meet the satisfaction of their customers. Embellish your homes with drapes, motorized blinds and all types of curtains for your windows. They also feature a variety of sofas fit for small to large families.



In Between

A mix of old and new memorabilia

6B Tai Ping Shan Street, PoHo, Hong Kong

In Between, as the name suggests, features a little bit of the old and new. Its humble boutique offers some interesting and creative items like handmade flower light bulb décor, bottle cap bracelets and basically, any type of vintage memorabilia. If you’re a movie buff, go crazy with their notable collection of rare and original posters of film classics from the 60s and 70s. They also organise pop-up stores with live performances by local artistes and workshops to share their creative talents. Time to get your hipster on at In Between!

In Between | Guide to Shopping in PoHo | Hong Kong | Travelshopa




Contemporary street wear

18 Tai Ping Shan Street, PoHo, Hong Kong

Ever felt a little envious whenever you come across a knockout streetwear outfit? Well you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice at Juice. It’s the first retail store to be opened by popular streetwear brand, CLOT. CLOT has collaborated with international brands such as Disney and Coca-Cola, building a reputation for selling the latest contemporary and streetwear brands. Juice carries a mix of brands including Clot, Adidas, Converse, New Balance and Nike. Streetwear is nothing without its statement kicks. Safe to say, Juice offers a standout selection of shoes and sneakers from all over the country.

Juice | Guide to Shopping in PoHo | Hong Kong | Travelshopa



Le Slip Francais Hong Kong

French-inspired casual wear

16 Upper Station Street, PoHo, Hong Kong

Bonjour de Hong Kong! Le Slip Francais is a French-inspired apparel company that prides itself in providing the best artisan apparel. Even though they began with creating comfortable briefs for men, the label has since expanded to casual apparel for both genders. They also feature socks, waterproof bags and espadrilles to complete your casual look. This truly dynamic company fuses French manufacturing tradition and expertise with a modern twist and a little humour.




Vintage apparel for men

Shop A Tai Ping Building 22-24 Tai Ping Shan Street, PoHo, Hong Kong

The owner of Mood, Cody Tsui Chi-hung, decided to combine everything he loves into a business and thus, Mood was born. This men’s boutique features original and vintage clothing, furniture and even a barber shop. So be sure to get pampered as Mood gets you into the mood for a day of relaxation. Their apparel includes denim jackets, leather boots, beaufort jackets and vintage bandanas.




Exquisite eco friendly jewellery pieces

Unit E 200 Hollywood Road, PoHo, Hong Kong

We would undoubtedly agree with the saying “never underestimate the power of a great accessory.” The people at Niin however, take it up a few notches by creating eco friendly jewellery like necklaces, bangles, earrings and rings. Niin uses natural elements such as wood, brass, resin and gold to create these exquisite pieces. The brand is now well recognized and can be found in retailers all around the world. Now who says fashion can’t be environmentally friendly?

Niin Jewellery | Guide to Shopping in PoHo | Hong Kong | Travelshopa



Scent With You

Creative scented candles

G/F, 18 Upper Station Street, PoHo, Hong Kong

Scent With You is a luxury brand that imports essential oils from France to produce high quality products like scented candles and perfume oils. They come in elegant packaging that is a perfect gift for your girlfriends. One of the highlights at the store is their creative scented candles that are shaped as macaroons and cupcakes. Scent With You has recently announced a fragrance workshop where you can create your own fragrance. You can even book a private session for you and your friends!



Tallensia Floral Art

Groovy florist with flower arrangement sessions

6C Tai Ping Shan Street, PoHo, Hong Kong

Gather your girlfriends or the family for an interesting flower arrangement lesson (aka flower jamming) by the people at Tallensia Floral Art. You’ll get to select ceramic vases and fill them with an assortment of unlimited blooms available at the store. This activity is said to relieve mood swings, improve cognitive function and enhance social skills. What a fun and healthy way to catch up with your loved ones!



Guide to Shopping in PoHo


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