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A sign of a good time is when no one wants to leave! Nobody likes to rush out the door straight after dessert and end the fun prematurely. Our most memorable evenings have been when the party has moved to the lounge room and everyone has settled in for a few more hours of fun.

Catering for after dinner drinks is a breeze. Your chosen beverages, a cocktail if you’re feeling fancy, some ice and light snacks are all that’s required.

If it’s your turn to channel ‘hostess with the mostess‘ soon, and you already have the entertaining essentials mastered, consider stepping things up a notch with some after dinner drinks decor. We’ve chosen some of our favourites below. Which ones are you adding to your shopping cart?

After Dinner Drinks | Bar Cart | Travelshopa

1. Ice Bucket | Patine Interiors

2. House Doctor Funkis Napkins | Stylodeco

3. Black Metal Ring Platter | Singapore Trading Post

4. Bottle Opener | Make Room

5. Petrified Wood Oval Platter | Maissone

6. Lexon Coffee Set | Shopdeca

7. Cheval Bar Cart | Bungalow 55

8. Geometric Cups | The Shophouse

9. Art Deco Decanters | Patine Interiors

10. Solo Wine Rack | Journey East

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 Singapore Trading Post
 The Shophouse
 Make Room
 Journey East
 Bungalow 55


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