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On a recent trip to Saigon, we were on foot looking for a fashion boutique we had heard a lot much about. Sadly, the said boutique was not found, but we did stumble across a driveway that housed the most beautiful, well-kept Citroen Traction Avant. My love for vintage cars steered us inside. To my surprise, the property was an IndoChine restaurant, and had the most decadent outdoor space. I immediately envisaged hosting a fabulous party in the terrace. A birthday, a family get-together, a work retreat perhaps – distance was no part of the story playing out in my head. And from there my mind wandered…. how do you host a fabulous party? And what are the modern day entertaining essentials?

Whether you are hosting at home or not, a great hostess (or host) is one who knows how to plan, remains calm under pressure, and moves around a room with grace and composure. That’s all before being able to present a meal with love. The list then goes on…

However when you break it all down (say, into 26 bite-sized bits), it’s not as tricky as it may seem. Mastering entertaining may not come naturally at first, but the training wheels will be short lived! Here is an A – Z of entertaining essentials that we think will win you the title “this season’s hostess with the mostess” and your soiree will be raved about for days and weeks to come!

Entertaining Essentials | Travelshopa


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