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Remember the good old days, when we used to pop in on family and friends for a quick hello and end up staying all afternoon? We’ve got fond memories on those times. It’s about time we brought back the drop in guest!

When it comes to entertaining we think it’s homely and hospitable to be prepared to cater for a large group. This is even more important should you be living in a small space and need space-saving furniture. The trick is to have the right pieces on hand, so you can think about what to eat and drink, and not where to put the mess or whether everyone is going to be comfortable enough. Think extendable tables, mobile pieces with multiple uses, and anything that has multi-function and configuration.

For top tips on being prepared for entertaining unexpected guests, we turned to teak furniture experts Mountain Teak. Not only do we love their tips, but how gorgeous is their minimalist style?!




Benches not only allow you to seat more people at the table, they also create an atmosphere of warmth and togetherness and define your occasion as a more casual affair. Benches with wheels are even better. Their mobility allows an easy transition to the living room to continue the conversation after your meal.




Day beds are not only for day lounging, they can serve as beds too. Use it as a spare bed if your guest unexpectedly decides to stay over for the night. This on-trend addition to the home is also a great place to let the kids hang out or share a beverage with a loved one or two pre or post the rush of visitors.



Extendable dining table

There’s little explanation needed here. The versatility of an extendable dining table ensures a comfortable spot for your guests to bond over a meal. The intelligent design allows you to welcome a large group of family and friends and easily reverts back to its usual size. That way you’re not faced with an oversized table on an everyday basis. It’s a smart investment that your guests will be wishing they made!

Mountain Teak | Entertaining Unexpected Guests | Teak Table | Travelshopa



Furniture with storage

Furniture that is built with hidden storage space is a no-brainer for keeping clutter (or your guest’s belongings) out of sight. Don’t fill them up too much though, or there wont be any space for things during the quick ‘5 minutes before’ tidy-up! For frequent entertainers, a mini bar on wheels is the ultimate ‘hostess with the mostess’ addition to the home and is an easy storage spot for alcohol and less frequently used glassware.

Mountain Teak | Entertaining Unexpected Guests | Teak Trunk | Travelshopa



Modular units

Modular units give you the flexibility to play around with the configuration to suit the occasion – use it as a TV console or covert it into a coffee table when your guests arrive.

Mountain Teak | Entertaining Unexpected Guests | Teak Console | Travelshopa



Top Tips

1. Choose versatile items that you can envisage in a variety of configurations.
2. Furniture with inner storage, such as a coffee table or stool cum storage box will help keep your space tidy.
3. Every growing family needs (or wishes they had) an extendable table!


Now, bring on the guests!


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