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Easter… Can someone please tell us how is it already Easter?! Well, now that it is upon us, best we kick start the eating, sleeping and QT with family and friends frenzy. We are going to take the time this long weekend to to catch a brief reprieve from the craziness of 2015 and rekindle with those closest to us – even if that means patching in a few long Skype calls.

Just the thought of the Easter bunny arriving this Sunday morning, got us thinking about stepping up our Easter game. While you are getting carried away thinking about what you are going to fill your bellies with, we thought we’d hand you some ideas on how to take your entertaining standards up a notch and help you decorate your Easter table, with ease!

Our top tip is to stay well away from ready-made easter eggs and chocolate bunnies at the supermarket checkout. With a little bit of effort, these simple creative touches will take your Easter table from everyday to something fab and memorable. We might add, your efforts will be highly Instagrammable as well.

Ok, so let’s get to it.. here are three cost effective ways to wow your loved ones with a special Easter table this year.



Fold Fancy Napkins

This idea might take a bit of practice but it’s the most cost effective way to add some instant Easter flair. We love a linen napkin at any brunch, lunch or dinner table – so classic and refined. While they sit routinely folded in half, there is a wealth of possibilities waiting to be explored with every inch of their fabric. This year, let YouTube be your guide to learn the Easter Bunny Napkin Fold. If you are not up for the challenge, why not try a simple cross – somewhat resemblant of an Origami Fortune Teller, don’t you think?. They’ll instantly set the theme and earn you are in to receive some serious compliments.

Decorate your Easter table | Rabbit & Cross Folded Napkins | Travelshopa



Create a Centrepiece

For the more creative and DIY inclined folk among us, this year’s gathering is the perfect time to let your creative juices shine. A centrepiece will be an inviting reminder to your guests that this is no ordinary Sunday lunch, it’s a special occasion. With Easter comes spring, and some strong modern day symbols – rabbits, Easter eggs, nature and flowers – making perfect complements to one another. Or, use a choice of religious elements to ensure the meaning of this holiday shines through. Either way, choose a theme or colour scheme that works well with your place settings and napkins and get crafting with items from around the house or your nearest craft store.

Decorate your Easter table  | The Centrepiece | Travelshopa



Give Out Favours

To celebrate this joyous occasion, little gifts for the guests are in order. We will find any excuse to give a present really… Simple additions to your dining ware will transform your tablescape and set the scene for this year’s gathering. A bowl or glass of candied eggs, or an Easter themed burlap bag filled with Easter treats (ahem..chocolate), just scream Easter and what’s more will spoil those you love. Besides, it’s no secret that the kids identify a gracious host as one who gives out chocolate.

Decorate your Easter table  | Easter Favours | Travelshopa


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