Tips for Decorating Small Spaces

The increase of densely populated cities has heightened the requirement to live in smaller spaces. While many cities come to mind, Hong Kong is definitely near the top of our top cities with small apartment living list. This got us dreaming about our ideal small space and planning clever ways to make the most of the space we have. Our top tips for decorating small spaces: Keep your colours, materials and textures light, opt for glass where possible and pick pieces that double as storage solutions.

Luckily, retailers in HK are well-versed in accommodating for those who are short on space. These savvy online shops make shopping for furniture and home decor suitable for small spaces accessible no matter where you reside.

Tips for Decorating Small Spaces | Travelshopa

1. Tripod Condiment Set | Loveramics

2. Black-Bone Inlay 2 Drawer Chest | Bowerbird Home

3. Anne Black Medium Plate with Bird | Konzepp

4. Poul Hudevard Guldhoj Stool | General Store

5. Anne Black Small Tile | Konzepp

6. Sao Paolo Leather Storage Bed | Indigo Living

7. Industrial Piping Wall Mount | Lala Curio

8. The Swan Chair | General Store

9. Chandelier with Lamp Bulbs | Indigo Living

10. Dining Table | Lala Curio

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