Blush has certainly graced many a red carpet and runway recently. As a result it would be safe to say it is one of 2015’s ‘it’ colours. While Marsala was the winner of Pantone’s colour of the year crown, their bi-annual lists of top trends for Spring and Fall include shades that look pretty similar to what we call BLUSH!

Luckily many designers have recognised the demand and delight for this pretty pastel hue. Here are our tip picks of blush coloured fashion items to ensure your wardrobe is right on trend this season.


1. Velvet Thomasina Button-up Shirt | Après Five

2. Chin Chin Rose Plated Gold Necklace | Grin by Anne Gedeon

3. Alana Mini Dress | Lulu Yasmine

4. American Vintage Jac51 Tee | Rosalie Pompon

5. Large Rose Quartz Earrings | Lustre Jewellery

6. Peace Bag | IndyK

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