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Ask any fashionista worth her salt and she’ll attest to the magical transformative ability of a statement piece of jewellery. Built to accentuate and enhance, a well-matched ensemble of ear, arm or neck candy can take you from average to polished in just one step.

Basic tank tops and plain white tees are the perfect canvas for chunky jewelled chokers or a wicked layering of delicate necklaces of various lengths. Bring some liveliness into your daily uniform with irresistible statement jewellery from the designers and boutiques we love.

Whether you’re hunting down a show stopping look or a more gentle yet edgy approach, these are the statement jewellery designers you need to know.



Blithe & Merry

Statement Jewellery

Available online.

Now this is one show-stopping jewellery boutique not to miss. Blithe & Merry believes that making a fashion statement can be affordable, without compromising design and quality. The result is a mix of statement pieces like leather cuffs with locks, weaved necklaces, and lionhead door knocker leather cuffs. Expect nothing but bright cheery colours, unconventional materials and playfully sophisticated pieces are Blithe & Merry.

Blithe & Merry | Statement Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa
Blithe & Merry | Statement Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa


Bohemian Butterfly

Purposefully crafted gemstone jewellery

Available online.

Perhaps you’ve grown tired of the flashy neon gems and “blinged-out” baubles that saturate the fast fashion circuit. Well, Bohemian Butterfly definitely sits outside those categories with its handcrafted gemstone jewellery derived from the earth. Using only quality metals and natural semi precious gemstones, each piece is thoughtfully and purposefully crafted to last a lifetime. The myriad and fascinating colours, textures and shapes of gemstones such as amethyst, jasper, lapis lazuli, quartz and agate encapsulate true statements of beauty worth treasuring.

Bohemian Butterfly | Handcrafted gemstone jewellery from Singapore store | Statement Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa



Carrie K.

Playful and provocative designs

136 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229838  | Also available online and at various stockists.

In just 5 years, Carrie K has progressed into an internationally renowned brand with a steady following. Stocked in fashion capitals around the world including Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Italy and the United States, Carrie K’s playful and provocative approach to silversmithing and jewellery design has been undeniably well-received. Founder and designer, Carolyn Kan, lets her creativity erupt through her off-kilter designs that range from the prodigiously inventive to the understated and elegant. Her last collection titled “A Beautiful Mess”, features laser-cut leather made to mimic the abstract forms of dripping paint.

Carrie K | Statement jewellery collection "a beautiful mess" | Statement Jewellery in Singapore | Statement Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa




Fascinating stackable accessories

#B1-06, Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, Singapore 238880

True to its name, Eclecticism delivers an altogether fascinating take on fashion that trickles right down to its accessory collection. Bright eye-popping rhinestone and bead confections from David Aubrey add pizzazz to a simple outfit. Other stackable stunners include polished and elegant pearl cuffs and initial necklaces from The Accessory Report, which are experts at putting a modern spin on definitive classics.

Eclecticism by Lauren Jasmine | Statement Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa



Grin by Anne Gedeon

Experimental and artsy pieces

Available at various stockists.

Anne Gedeon’s line of jewellery is a statement in every sense of the word. Pearls, semi-precious stones, crystals and metals find unlikely partners in mixtures of rubber, plexi-glass and even felt to elicit head-turning combinations that are anything but ordinary. Give your go-to wardrobe a dopamine boost with artsy, out-of-this-world creations in a traffic-stopping palette. For the ones who dare to get experimental with fashion, chunky collar necklaces dripping in chain tassels and twin gemstone pendant necklaces are definite options. Meanwhile, Anne’s signature series – GrinLite, puts the fun back into accessorizing with handmade “Pop Art” jewellery in a riot of shocking neon hues.



Joanne L.

Confident and elegant designs

Available online and at various stockists.

One doesn’t necessarily have to shout to be heard. Joanne L.’s designs embody eloquence in their simplicity, melding timeless design with elements found in nature. Inspired by architecture, geometry and Nature’s inherent poetry, Joanne L.’s handcrafted jewellery subtly enhances a woman’s confidence with its strong, feminine and elegant forms. Crafted in yellow gold, rose gold and silver and accented with multicoloured gemstones such as sapphire, amethyst and topaz, Joanne L. designs jewellery that makes one feel just a tiny bit more ready to face the world.

 Joanne L | Elegant gemstone rings from Singapore jewellery designer | Statement Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa


Lustre Jewellery

Affordable semi-precious gemstone creations

Available online.

Lustre’s natural semi-precious gemstone jewellery looks a thousand bucks, but will only cost you within the ranges of fifty to three hundred. (How about that eh?) The stones are sourced from India but handcrafted in ateliers all around the world including ones in India, Turkey, Thailand, China and Sri Lanka. Due to the unique nature of each individual gemstone, no one piece is identical, offering exclusivity without the hefty price tag. The Naked Collection, composed of translucent gemstone stacking rings and earrings in a delectable range of hues, is the only evergreen collection that is constantly rehashed to meet customer demand.

Lustre | Stunning gemstone rings from Singapore jewellery designer | Statement Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa




Durable jewellery that’s free from harmful chemicals

Available online.

If you’ve ever worried that your delicate necklace or bracelet is sure to be yanked off by your little one ,or that it will snap away during the busyness of daily life, Peachtree is your answer. The Singapore brand pride themselves on creating fun, fresh, safe, and durable jewellery for ladies and children too.  Peachtree carry ranges of colourful necklaces, bangles and bracelets designed to be practical for an active lifestyle and  free from chemical nasties. They even carry a range of teething and nursing necklaces!

Peachtree Jewellery | Perfect for colourful ladies, and kids too | Statement Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa




Statement jewellery for both women and men

Available online.

“Accessories maketh the man,” seems to be a mantra Shopdeca subscribes to, offering statement jewellery for both men and women. The highly curated fashion and lifestyle portal aims to please with a wide-ranging selection of edgy and minimalist jewellery from emerging Indonesian and regional designers. Incorporating a mildly subversive element, Beneath the Roses casts morbid symbols such as screws, claws and bones into simple, stripped-down structures that appeal to our darker natures. Gender-neutral accessories from Hawwabali, Cheap Monday, Aeroculata and Zlaba round out the pack.

Shop Deca | Gold jewellery | Statement Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa

Statement Jewellery in Singapore


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