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When it comes to interior decorating, wood is one of the most versatile materials. With a wide range of choices in wood types, finishes and colours, there’s a wood to suit everyone’s taste.

This week we turned to stylemakers Paresa Collection Interior, specialists in bespoke furniture and homewares commissions, from design conception through to delivery, for their expertise in sourcing custom décor pieces. The team at Paresa has the knack of regularly sourcing wood items, and strongly advocates using wood due to its ability to convey a contemporary yet elegant style in the home.

Here are their top tips for selecting, working and decorating with wood in your home!



Selecting Wood

Darker woods such as cocoa complement a colonial look and give a nod to old-world style. If you prefer a more classic feel, choose a mahogany or teak in a darker colour stain. Nowadays, your options are endless;  beautiful heritage plantation chairs, antique tea chests, and wooden shutters to use as dividers, can be used to create a beautiful living space.


Using Wood as a Decorative Piece

Our biggest piece of advice is to keep the base shade of the room neutral so your eye is drawn towards objects in the space, rather than becoming overwhelmed. This will then allow you to transform the room with well-curated wooden pieces. A beautiful and unique example is the use of winding liana roots; displayed on a table, wall mounted, positioned in a group against the wall or simply styled on a rug – your imagination can run as wild as the roots themselves!

Wood is also an excellent addition to the architecture of a home. We enjoy using it as a stair handrail, grouping planks of wood together to create room dividers in an open plan space, or suspending wood from the ceiling as an art installation.

Decorating with Wood | Travelshopa


Complementing Wood

To prevent the room becoming overly dominated by one colour or material, soften the layout by positioning pieces in key areas and choosing complementary items. Wood is a very tactile material and is beautifully styled with textiles or hard materials such as glass, resin or metal. Style a beautiful wood coffee table next to two upholstered armchairs or a dark wood bed with soft voile fabric curtains to create the perfect balance. Allow your items space to breathe and they will shine!

Decorating with Wood | Travelshopa


Creating the Tropical Look with Wood

If you are fortunate enough to already have wooden floors, you have the utmost foundation to create a wonderful tropical home. Choose natural wood furnishings for the practical essentials in the home, coffee tables, bookcases and smaller side tables, or for open plan spaces, larger objects such as a day bed or statement dining table, make beautiful statement features. Complement your flooring and furniture with a curation of large floral arrangements, artefacts, and well crafted original fabrics, to allow the room to take on a tropical feel and create a perfectly fused look.

Soft furnishings will help to soften the look. You can stay complementary in your colour choice, or go for a pop of colour. In tropical style homes, we love to use saffron, burgundy, champagne and jaguar green.

Decorating with Wood | Travelshopa


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