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We love writing about home decor on Travelshopa, but we often forget to cover in detail one of the most important rooms of the house – the kid’s bedroom!

Creating a special space for children can be a lot of fun, but it is also important for them to feel nurtured. There are so many easy ways to accessorise a child’s room. Simply adding just one or two special pieces can transform their space into an ideal environment for learn and play.

Here are 10 stylish and timeless decor ideas for accessorising kids’ rooms.

1. Paper Pom Pom | Pret-a-party

2. Milestone Mini Cards | Foxy Sales

3. Girls Floral Hangers | Tilly Stone Boutique

4. Pebble Rattle | Not In The Malls

5. Toadstool Lamp | Lumley Locket

6. Cross Wall Hook | Maissone

7. Bloom Duvet Set | Scout Lifestyle

8. Moroccan Leather Pouf | Maissone

9. Sebra Crochet Rug | Cuckoo

10. Pink Star Valise | Tilly Stone Boutique


our top picks of items perfect for accessorising little boys rooms in Singapore and Online

1. Navy Star Fabric Storage Bag | Tilly Stone Boutique

2. Lecons De Choses Skateboard Shelving | Cuckoo

3. Sebra Crochet Pouf | Cuckoo

4. Wooden Elephant Toy | Lumley Locket

5. Organic Farm Buddies Boxer Dog | Shop Beba

6. Oslo Duvet Set | Scout Lifestyle

7. Personalised ‘Brobots’ Print | Sammy Eve

8. Chalkboard Wallpaper | Maissone

9. I’m Toy Handy Hub | Foxy Sales

10. It’s A Boy’s World Beansprout Pillow | Chubby Chubby

Find more kid’s room ideas on our Pinterest board.


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