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When planning to flex our shopping muscles in Kuala Lumpur, it’s our mouths that get most excited. Malaysian cuisine, with its Malay, Chinese and Indian influences, is bursting with spice and flavour.

To satisfy cravings for the flavours of Kuala Lumpur, without the travel time, we recommend trying your hand at making their delicacies at home. Here we share a recipe for Beef Dendeng, from Malaysian celebrity chef, Chef Wan. The crispy beef with its rich sticky sauce and spicy kick pair beautifully with steamed rice (if for nothing else than to curb the sheer level of spice!)

Find Chef Wan’s recipe in his cookbook, The Best of Chef Wan, A Taste of Malaysia, and prepare your taste buds for your next Kuala Lumpur adventure/shopping spree!

For those in Singapore, you can also find Chef Wan’s flavours in an exquisite buffet spread  at the 1 Market restaurant in Plaza Singapura!

The Flavours of Kuala Lumpur | Chef Wan, Beef Dendeng | Travelshopa


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