Styling with neutrals, Paresa Collection Interior

Colour trends come and go, one minute everyone falls head over heels in love with monochrome and the next it’s back to a riot of colour. However, a timeless classic colour palette is that of neutrals.

The talented team at Paresa Collection Interior knows a thing or two about how to work with neutrals. They advise that whether you choose muted earth tones, shades of white or soft greys, they all give the same calming effect and act as the cornerstone to build and layer up your space. When styling with neutrals, the architecture, design and features of a room can be accentuated and statement furniture becomes more of a feature. This is just one of the reasons that interior designers have a love affair with using neutrals.

By picking up accents in metallic and details with texture and layering, there is no need for your room to be stark and bare. In fact, with clever styling, a neutral palette can not only increase the visual space but add harmony, allowing you to bring together eclectic elements and objects.

Here, Paresa Collection Interior shares some favourite home decor in a neutral colour palette.

Styling with neutrals, Paresa Collection Interior


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