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Born and raised on the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia, Yvette King  Fashion Blogger and TV Presenter, set sail for Singapore a mere 3 years ago and quickly became a force to be reckoned with. The well-known personality is constantly juggling presenting projects, her blog, and her day job, and seems to manage it all while looking like its taken no effort at all!  Her lengthly list of celebrity interviews, appearances in advertisements for multi-national brands, and hosting gigs for some of Singapore’s most lauded events have made no dent in her levelheadedness. We sat down for with Yvette for a chat about our mutual love of fashion and social media, and she gave us a peek at her recent photoshoot for Singapore-based fashion brand The Wit and The Will!



You write a successful blog and you are an anchor for Fox Sports, tell us how you got started?

I’ve always wanted to be a TV presenter, so I started first studying journalism, then worked behind the scenes. I ran around getting people chai, mochachino, half hot-water frappes (honestly this is close to one order I had to buy someone) and printing scripts, logging shots, editing etc! But it was a foot in the door. In Asia, I entered the industry by starting a blog and the work opportunities soon followed.


You’re a fashion lover. How would you describe your personal style?

Always changing. But I aspire to be French! Stripes, denim, casual but with an element of sophistication. And a great nail varnish – I never have bare nails. I hardly accessorise these days.


Any favourite shopping spots?

Vintage shops in Paris, Australian designers on Oxford St, Paddington, and any kind of designer sale! Markets!


Who are your favourite emerging fashion brands?

I don’t know if they’re still considered emerging, but ZENCHI. They’re so talented, and the dresses are so easy to wear but still make a huge impact.


What are your top tips for street style?

Don’t try to hard. If you’re not comfortable, it will be obvious! Don’t wear clothes that don’t fit properly. Never. Ever. Wear. Crocs.


We SO agree!  What’s your biggest fashion faux pas?

Too many to name. Honestly. I lived through the 90s, albeit a child, but still. Thank goodness there was no social media record of those dark days!


You’ve hosted Digital Fashion Week for 3 years now! What are your fashion week must haves?

Phone, comfortable shoes within arms reach, lip balm, a statement outfit. Of course! Don’t wear shades indoors. You look like an ass. Excusable if you have conjunctivitis.


Your Instagram @vettyking is such a beautiful collection of images, what are your top tips for social media?

Be consistent with your content, don’t post for other people. Post high quality images and curate your feed to some degree.


And how about photo apps?

VSCO and Afterlight.


Favourite hashtag/s?



Do you have a favourite social media moment?

Having the opportunity to meet and chat to Victoria Beckham and Tory Burch because of my blogging.


What’s on your bucket list?

To see Chanel in Paris. To live in Tuscany for 6 months. To have a house by the ocean, swim with dolphins (yes seriously), see some of my wacky ideas come to life… So many things to do! I better get cracking!


Don’t leave home without…

Kissing my hubby and my pug. In that order. Obviously!


Find out more about Yvette at www.yvetteking.com

Yvette King, Fashion Blogger & TV Presenter | Travelshopa

Yvette King, Fashion Blogger & TV Presenter | Travelshopa


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