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The question “what’s your style?” is often a confusing one. However, it is a necessary question when determining the personal signature that you’d like to give your home. Cecile Hofer, interiors guru behind Singapore’s Paresa Collection Interior has helped many bewildered homemakers on their journey to “interior-self-discovery”. Here she shares her words of wisdom for finding your personal style at home, in order to ensure that your home is not about anyone’s style or logo but YOU.



Creating Themes

Consider creating different themes for different rooms. Children’s rooms are the easiest starting point to bring this idea to fruition. Children rooms should always be warmed by their fantasy in colors and soft textures.



Embracing Materials

Your furniture is the foundation of the room. Set the foundation with real wood, like tropical hardwood (we love old teak and tamarind!)

At Paresa, we love the feeling of a beautiful holiday home. Embrace and amplify that tropical warmth with materials dipped in all shades of sunlight, such as the orange of saffron and terracotta, and contrast textured soft furnishings with elegant natural materials. Add some curated art and architectural elements – with a dash of personal belongings carefully displayed around the home, and your look is complete!

Embrace Materials ! | Finding Your Personal Style At Home | Beach House Style | Travelshopa



Keeping it Simple

We tend to accumulate things; collected from holidays, handed down pieces from the family, memorabilia from student times, the list goes on. It is difficult to create a style which unifies a space when many of us keep adding to our belongings and possessions at random. De-clutter but keep the belongings that you absolutely love and have sentimental value. You will otherwise regret it later. Very rarely should the Salvation Army need to come and take all away.

Be picky with your choices. The right furniture and homewares offer an opportunity for the room to change. They should be timeless, yet beautiful and comfortable.

Declutter Your Space | Finding Your Personal Style At Home | Travelshopa



Selecting Colours

Start your perfect interior world by choosing the right base colour. This might be as easy or as complicated as using white. We suggest considering  pastels and neutral tones for a base and applying vibrancy by layering with colours that reflect your soul! Great options are the wonderfully rich colours of the tropics, like deep purples and greens.

A useful tip is to take note of your wardrobe…what colours do you tend to gravitate towards in your everyday dress?



Top Tips 

1. Go a bit overboard with fabric and natural materials like animal print – and your home will be a visual treat!
2. Create a well travelled look and glow by adding one of a kind pieces with character, value and quality materials.
3. Don’t be too abstract in design and colour. Less is more.


Don’t forget, it’s your home, and it’s all about you!


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