The Upper House, Hong Kong | Hotel Interiors Fireplace | Travelshopa

You might be inclined to wonder which hiding spots are responsible for such magnificent views of Hong Kong’s “skyscrapered” city coupled with state of the art interior design. We’ll let you in on our little secret shall we? Perched at the top of Pacific Place – a glossy shopping complex in centrally located Admiralty – is the sleek modernist’s dream come true.

True to its architect’s vision, The Upper House is a small luxury hotel reminiscent of a private residence. Designed by Asia’s most sought-after interior designer Andre Fu, The Upper House sits on many lists of top hotels around the world.

The mere ascension towards the uppermost floors presents a voyage in itself – transporting you from the bustling Hong Kong streets into a hushed environment of calm and tranquility. A portrait of modern elegance, The Upper House’s aesthetic is minimalist and spacious, providing a luxury that the dense overcrowded city can only dream of affording. Every aspect from design, proportion, and materials, down to the choice of contemporary artworks is calculated to conjure an uplifting experience.

To the side showcases a small collection of local jewellery designer, n i i n, that spells unique design and raw creativity with a penchant for the chic and wearable.

Here’s a peek into our short departure from reality into the divine hallways of The Upper House, Hong Kong.

The Upper House, Hong Kong | Hotel Design | Travelshopa

The entrance to The Upper House is marked by a magnificent Bedonia sculptural façade by Thomas Heatherwick.


The Upper House, Hong Kong | Ginger and Verbena Candle | Travelshopa

The subtle fragrance of ginger and verbena warms the lobby.


The Upper House, Hong Kong | The Sky Lounge | Travelshopa

The Sky Lounge, located on the 49th floor, is a library, informal business centre and lounge combined.


The Upper House, Hong Kong | Pleated Silk Cushions | Travelshopa

Pleated silk cushions and a sumptuous mix of textures are definitions of understated luxury.


The Upper House, Hong Kong | niin Jewellery | Travelshopa

An elegant display of n i i n’s organic and nature-inspired jewellery.


The Upper House, Hong Kong | Modern Oriental Furnishings | Travelshopa

Modern-Oriental furnishings artfully positioned to create a sense of balance and symmetry.


The Upper House, Hong Kong | The Sky Lounge Views | Travelshopa

The Sky Lounge windows open out to breathtaking views of Hong Kong’s hilly landscapes.


The Upper House, Hong Kong | Hotel Interiors Fireplace | Travelshopa

The inviting central fireplace keeps guests toasty through the winter months.


The Upper House, Hong Kong | Symmetrical Seating Area | Travelshopa

There’s that wonderful symmetry again.


The Upper House, Hong Kong | Muted Palette | Travelshopa

A muted palette of sandstone, concrete and bronze complement bring out a sense of serenity.


The Upper House, Hong Kong | Hotel Interiors | Travelshopa

A clever play on geometry and space.



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