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Red makes a statement wherever it goes – the lip, the body, the road and in the home. Depending on your chosen tone, it can instantly lift the mood of a room or hold it in a warm embrace. Being a colour that matches easily with other shades, homewares and furniture stores have welcomed red with open arms. You’ll find a large variety of tableware, soft furnishings and larger items in various strengths of red, or if you’re looking to commit to a paint job, there are plenty of surfaces calling your name! If you need a bit of encouragement, red is said to carry the fire feng shui element, instilling warmth, passion and excitement into the home.



Let the Walls Talk

A red feature wall or a painting with red as the dominant focus brings an immediate lift to a room. Energetic and dynamic, a touch of red is all you need to bring out its stimulating effect. Red coordinated with white, cream, grey or beige evinces a modern and contemporary feel to the home whereas a pairing with warm woods and burnished textures creates a romantic mood. A red accent wall naturally draws the eye, adding a layer of interest to an otherwise bare space. Be careful not to go overboard with the red though, lest it becomes too distracting.

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It’s All in the Accents

If you’re not ready to commit to being “red-all-over”, pick furnishings that add a pop of red into the room. Red increases the appetite, making the kitchen a perfect spot for a vase, some high wooden stools or large bowls and platters in your chosen red shade. The kitchen area is typically filled with metal utensils, stone bench tops and stark white, all of which match perfectly with a bright red complement. Red is also the colour of passion so consider adding a red throw or some decorative pillows to your bedspread too.

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Red Dinnerware

Red dinnerware is much easier to come by than it ever was. Retailers are branching away from plain coloured china to include patterned options that easily mix and match with each other. If you’re currently using standard white tableware, finding a set of red and white plates, bowls, mugs and the like will perfectly blend into your current set up, and liven it up a little too!

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A Bold Entrance

If your exterior is calling out for an overhaul, paint the front door red while you’re at it! Feng Shui experts say  that a red door can be very lucky for the house (depending on which way the door is facing, but we’ll save the Feng Shui discussion for another time!). In a shiny lacquered deep red, it adds a classic and timeless element to the house. And as it works so well with the typical colours we see in homes nowadays, including creams, whites, greys and brick, the red door is a no brainer.

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