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It’s been a long time since we last sat down for a ‘5 minutes with’. We love getting to know local tastemakers and trendsetters who have that special something that makes people want to hang on to their every word. Singapore local, Jemimah Wei proved to be the perfect antidote to our neglected coffee dates!

Five minutes with Jemimah, otherwise known as The Written Kitten, and we quickly learned that she is, quite simply, a breathe of fresh air, and far wiser than her 22 years. While her passion lies in creative writing, she pens the lifestyle blog, has writing gigs with numerous publications, hosts events and TV series in Singapore, and collaborates with some seriously big brands! (way to put us all to shame Jemma!) We had the pleasure of Jemma’s company over a delicious coffee at The Lokal Cafe and were treated to her words of wisdom on social media, fashion and love!



You’ve been blogging since you were a teenager, can you tell us how you got started?

I love writing and started a blog for pleasure as a way to express myself and it just grew from there. Now I write for different publications and do some event hosting too. I’m just going with the flow and seeing where this exciting journey takes me.


What places are on your bucket list?

I went on my first solo trip to NYC and I’m dying to go back. I’d also like see more snow and to go to LA, South America, Portugal, and The Bondi Icebergs (to get one of those incredible photos there!)


We can see that Instagram is your social media of choice, your account @jemmawei has over 30,000 followers! What are your top tips for social media?

Yes! I love Instagram for its visuals and witty captions. I have fun putting my photos through the Afterlight app – all my photographer friends put me onto it! Twitter can be fun too, but I like to keep my Facebook a little more personal.

My advice would be to be genuine, open and authentic! People can really tell when you’re trying too hard.


Tell us about your favourite social media moment.

It happened recently actually. I don’t see myself as a professional photographer but when I was on a trip to New Zealand, I took a photo of a starry night sky. It was for my #jemmafornikon collaboration. A Beautiful Mess put the photo up on their blog! It was unexpected and I am extremely flattered.


Who are your favourite Grammers?

For travel, @CNtraveler, and for fashion and lifestyle @garypeppergirl and @mermaidens

The Lokal, Singaporean blogger | Jemimah Wei, Lifestyle Blogger | Travelshopa


Speaking of fashion, how would you describe your personal style?

I’m into jackets, leather and glitter.. and I’m all about the interesting details that transform something that would otherwise be a really normal looking. I don’t like to blindly follow trends. It’s important to know yourself and what looks good on you but at the same time, don’t be too harsh with yourself and afraid to try new things.


What your favourite item in your closet?

Too hard! I feel like I’m cheating on half my wardrobe. If you’re really going to make me choose, I’ll say that I think every girl needs a great half length jacket and crop jacket, a classic white shirt and a great pair of pants for ‘boss lady’ glamour.


Any items on your Spring/Summer 15 wishlist?

Bucketbags – I love that they’re on trend at the moment. And midi skirts. They’re flattering on everyone.


What are your favourite shopping spots?

Online! My fave’s right now would be for clean and minimalist clothing that is different from the norm, and (my dress is from there actually!). I also love local Singapore brand, In Good Company.


It’s Valentine’s Day soon and we’ve heard you have a man on the scene. What’s your definition of love?

Love is sacrifice. It’s easy to love when everything is easy but love really shows its colours when the going gets tough.


As a writer, you’ve probably read The 5 Languages of Love. Which of the language of love do your tend to speak?

I’m definitely an acts of kindness girl. It’s the thought that counts (as long as you don’t always use that as an excuse for doing a mediocre job)


What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?

It’s nice to do something together. It doesn’t have to be outrageous;  just stay in, make a meal and watch a movie. But I really feel that it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to give.


Favourite love song?

Lost stars by Adam Levine


Favourite romantic comedy?

Friends and I love the romantic moments in movies, like that kiss in spider man 2!


Favourite celebrity couple?

Easy. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.


In ten years time you’d like to be…

Writing books in a quiet village in Japan.


You can find Jemimah on her blog

The Lokal, Singaporean blogger | Jemimah Wei, Lifestyle Blogger | Travelshopa

The Lokal, Singaporean blogger | Jemimah Wei, Lifestyle Blogger | Travelshopa


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