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Crowded with grey and dreary columns of densely packed shoebox apartments, the city of Hong Kong leaves much to the imagination. Look beyond the perennial smog, gritty streets and the faintly lingering waft of smelly tofu in the air, however, and you’ll discover the spellbinding magic that allows the city to retain its hold on its increasingly cosmopolitan dwellers. Despite gentrification in some areas, the essence of Old Hong Kong is hardly diluted. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the city’s Central district, where historic sites like the Man Mo Temple exist alongside the converted Police Married Quarters (PMQ), now a burgeoning local design hub. The charm of old neighbourhoods such as Tai Ping Shan is potent, where traditional institutions take pride of place next to snippets of trendy independent shops, cafes and galleries, shaping an accidental course for the wandering shopper to get lost in.

Let us take you through our journey in Hong Kong where we made time to trawl the streets of Central, Hong Kong for some of the city’s best sights.

Central, Hong Kong | Graham Street Mural Art | Travelshopa

This Graham Street mural accurately depicts living conditions in Hong Kong.


Central, Hong Kong | Old School Charm | Travelshopa

Hong Kong is still speckled with old school charm.


Central, Hong Kong | Shoebox Apartments | Travelshopa

Living quarters crammed within breath’s length of each other inspire a sense of claustrophobia.


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