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Picnics rank highly on our list of simple pleasures and it’s easy to see why! Being amongst nature, enjoying great company and a ready-made basket of scrumptious food – what’s not to love? An outdoor picnic need not be a stressful affair. With a little bit of early planning, they can be simple to prepare and oodles of fun for the little ones. Need help breaking it down? Online kid’s store and purveyor of beautiful products for kids and mums – Shop Beba, has the formula at its fingertips to help you achieve a perfectly planned and executed kids picnic party. So let the good times roll!



Play Picnic Scout

Picking a great picnic spot is half the battle won! On-site necessities you’ll want to check off your list include: running water, play facilities, shade and the availability of nearby restrooms to wash up after the kids. Singapore has no lack of beautiful green parks to romp around in but you can count on these all time favourites – Singapore Botanic Gardens, East Coast Park, Hort Park and Marina Barrage – for a frolickin’ good time.

To keep the kids entertained, pick a park with lots of pathways suitable for bike riding. Mastering how to ride a bike will make for hours of family fun and give kids a big confidence boost. Shop Beba stocks Rebel Kidz Wood Balance Bikes that are easy to control and have an adjustable seat and handlebar, ensuring that it can “grow” with the child.

Shop beba | | Planning the Perfect Kids Picnic | Toys | Travelshopa

Shop beba | | Planning the Perfect Kids Picnic | Kids Bike Rebel Kidz | Travelshopa


Packing the Picnic Bundle

Before you embark on this seemingly immense task, you’ll want to take a minute to consider whom you’re packing for. The size of your picnic mat should vary along with the length of your guest list. Woven mats, plastic sheets, blankets or a few old tablecloths should do the trick. Is grandma coming along for the ride? Then you’ll want to throw a folding lawn chair in the car boot so she doesn’t have to slum it on the ground. A picnic basket definitely fulfils our picnic fantasies, but if the menu includes raw meats and dairy or foods best enjoyed chilled, you’ll want to swop it for a cooler or lunch bags with insulation like this pretty printed number from Kinderspel. There are more fun prints available and it doubles as a great bag to send the little ones to preschool with too!

Shop beba | | Planning the Perfect Kids Picnic | Kinderspell Bag | Travelshopa


Picnic Snackaroos

Spinning off creative ways to package picnic food is a huge slice of the fun! Some easy picnic-friendly foods are finger sandwiches with assorted fillings like ham and swiss, cream cheese with veggies, and nut butter) Pack single servings of salads and fruits in a jar for a handy and healthy snack. Kids love eating out of cupcake wrappers and biting treats off skewers – so cupcake pizzas and fruit kebabs are ideas you should keep in your pocket. For drinks, whip up a quick fruit punch with real frozen fruit and store it in a thermos or glass bottle. The frozen fruit will keep the punch chilled and refreshing. Just don’t forget the cups!


Game On

Keep the restless munchkins entertained with simple games while you plop yourself down on the grass for a little afternoon read. Bubbles, balls, kites and Frisbees keep the kids whizzing about for hours on end, while you let nature do the rest! The attraction of the great outdoors allows the kids to be perfectly happy picking flowers and just rolling in the grass. Why not take imaginative play up a notch with natural play makeup and face paint? Free from artificial dyes and unsafe chemicals, Pure Poppet products are a great way for kids to bring their make-believe characters to life.

Shop beba | Planning the Perfect Kids Picnic | Kids Makeup | Travelshopa


The Clean Up

It’s common courtesy to leave any place better than you found it, so let’s bring on the cleanup brigade. Always carry extra resealable plastic bags, aluminum foil and plastic wrap for leftovers and a garbage bag to dump your waste. Baby wipes and hand sanitizers are a must to clean up any messy spills or dirty hands.


Ready for more family adventures? Shop Beba has a wonderful selection of playtime accessories and stylish kids gear from Kinderspel, Pure Poppet and more!




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