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Postcards From: Roadtrip, California | Travelshopa Guides
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Roadtrip, California| Palm Trees |  Travelshopa

Immortalized in unforgettable works of film and fiction, California is a dreamer’s paradise where palm trees loom large against a backdrop of brilliant blue. Rolling hills and parched desert lands lay stretched out before us as we cruise along the coastal freeways, our minds exhilarated by the journey ahead. Although inseparable from the glamour of Hollywood, the “Sunshine State” holds many other attractions. Los Angeles itself is an exhilirating city; with a collection of diverse shopping enclaves from Main Street, Santa Monica to Abbot Kinney Boulevard on Venice Beach and the hip Melrose Avenue. To the South, Cedros Avenue along Solana Beach provides hours of pleasure shopping.

With its ombré skies and tree-lined boulevards, California really calls out to us in these ‘postcard images’ and we hope it stirs the lust for travel in you too.
Roadtrip, California | Palm tree lined streets | Travelshopa

We’re seeing palm trees even in our dreams.


Roadtrip, California| Hollywood Walk of Fame | Travelshopa

Dancing with the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Roadtrip, California | L.A Life | Travelshopa

The ocean breeze and casual strolls by the beach, this is the quintessential L.A. lifestyle.

Roadtrip, California | Roadtripping across the Palm Desert to San Diego | Travelshopa

Roadtripping our way across the arid Palm Desert to San Diego.


Roadtrip, California | desert view | Travelshopa

A cloudy fog hangs over the vast desert mounds of California.


Roadtrip, California | Hotel California | Travelshopa

“Livin’ it up in the Hotel California…” No, this isn’t the Hotel California that inspired The Eagle’s hit classic of the same name. The song is said to be an “interpretation of the high life in Los Angeles”.


Roadtrip, California | Vogue Theatre Hollywood Boulevard | TravelshopaThe Vogue Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. You might recognize it from several cameo moments in ‘Lethal Weapon”.


Roadtrip | Street Art| Travelshopa

California takes its street art pretty seriously.


Roadtrip | Sunset | Travelshopa

Chasing sunsets.


Roadtrip |Sunset on the freeway | Travelshopa

The freeway at dusk.

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