Trendsetters who love to collect high quality statement jewellery will fall in love with a gift from GRIN by Anne Gedeon. This Christmas, the independent ‘bold-chic’ jewellery & accessories label stocks pieces from the brand’s most recent City Lights Collection. Inspired by the bustling city of Singapore, modern architecture, kaleidoscopes & the Mediterranean in all its splendor, the ultra fashionable jewellery pieces exude the energy and vibrance of today’s big bright cities and their kaleidoscope of lights. The collection dabbles with a special material – lightweight and shatterproof plexi-glass, ensuring your jewellery is suited to life on-the-go. Eager for some gorgeous arm and neck candy? Your GRIN by Anne Gedeon Christmas picks can be purchased by writing to and payment will be facilitated by Paypal.



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Top 3 Gifts from Grin By Anne Gedeon


My Lucky Keychains NekART

GRIN has found a way for us to give the key to our heart to someone special! In a multitude of colour ways including Grey & Coral, Turquoise, Black & White, Red, Sky Blue with Pearls, and even unconventional Mustard Yellow, all tastes are well catered for.


Raindrops NekART

This standout necklace, in a 3-tier or chunkier 5-tier design is certain to be a hit come Christmas morning and is a sure-fire way to add style and elegance to any outfit.


Traffic Light EarART

Even before the Gastby revival that stole our hearts, statement earrings have been high on the fashion totem pole. These treasures, which come in mediterranean blue, pumpkin orange or jet black, will be well loved by any jewellery lover who appreciates a bit of sparkle.


Grin By Anne Gedeon

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