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It’s Movember and things are getting twitchy… a time when Mo Bros all over the world commit to growing a moustache for the 30 days of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues – specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental illness.

In anticipation of all the hairy mos’ that will be sprouting up soon, here’s a quick introduction to a few moustache styles that will be leading all the mo-related conversations in a room. So get involved, raise money and awareness for men’s health charities like the Prostate Cancer Charity while looking plenty fine. Trust us, the ladies won’t disagree when such real and good intentions lie behind that furry mien.




The Rollie Fingers mo’ was named after one of the best pitchers in American history, who famously sported the waxed handlebar moustache and made it his trademark. This classic style is defined by its upward curled tips which remind one of bicycle handlebars. Recognized and respected as the pinnacle of moustaches – the handlebar requires a steely resolve and meticulous grooming to achieve. It is likely that you won’t be able to grow one in a mere 30 days (we’re told it requires at least 6 weeks growth) but Movember’s as good a time as any to start!

 Perfect the moustache | Rollie fingers moustache, moustache, men facial hair | Travelshopa




Immortalized by celebrities such as Tom Selleck and the late Queen lead singer, Freddie Mercury, the Chevron is a distinct look that oozes masculinity and charm. Typically distinguished by a thick and wide moustache that covers the border of the upper lip, the Chevron looks best when kept shaggy for a look that says, “I’m all business”. Offering major style points with minimum upkeep, the Chevron is a favourite even among seasoned ‘stache growers. Just make sure you keep the rest of your face clean-shaven to wear this style well.

Perfect the moustache | Rollie fingers moustache, moustache, men facial hair | Travelshopa




Not to be mistaken for the Horseshoe or Biker moustache, the Fu Manchu means serious business. It resembles a typical mo above the lips and is styled close to the corners of the mouth to grow downward past a clean-shaven lip and chin in two tapered “tendrils”, often extending past the jawline. China’s Mongol invaders are said to be the looks first supporters during the time of the Yellow Emperor. If paying homage to China’s imperial past is your thing, this is the mo for you. The Fu Manchu is also a category in the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Could this Movember be your comp preparation?

Perfect the moustache | Fu Man Chu | Travelshopa



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