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Party season is almost upon us, and this year, (unlike years past) you’ve made yourself the promise to put some effort into your décor and host the most gorgeous dinner party imaginable. A great place to start: styling the perfect centerpiece for your dining, coffee or dinner party table!

The right centrepiece introduces a sense of rhythm and balance to your space and pulls all the elements of your interior décor into a cohesive and coordinated whole. Make a dramatic statement about your personal style with a self-styled statement centrepiece that will steal more glances than anyone cares to admit with these quick tips.



Create a Base Layer

Something as simple as a porcelain bowl, silver platter or wooden box tray can be used as a foundation on which to build and define your centerpiece. Pick a bowl, basket or tray that provides a pleasant contrast to its contents. A glass hurricane or bell jar makes an inspiring vignette for decorative objects, drawing the eye towards the showcased item(s) within.



Rope in Some Natural Elements

This is probably the oldest trick in the book, and for good reason. Whether it’s a plant, cut blooms or a single branch, botanical elements breathe life into their surroundings and do a great job of pulling it all together. Gathered objects such as corals, seashells and pinecones make great (and mostly inexpensive) accompaniments as well.

Paper+White | Creating a head-turning centrepiece | Natural Elements | Travelshopa



Set the Tone with Flowers

Sometimes, flowers are all it takes to do the trick. Inject some colour into your space with bright, mood lifting bouquets or refresh a minimalist layout with classy white tulips and lilies. With the sheer variety of shapes, textures, and colours abundant in nature, it’s hard to go wrong with a bunch of pretty flowers.

Paper+White | Creating a head-turning centrepiece | Flowers | Travelshopa



Strength in Numbers

Gather a group of clear vases, bottles, jars, lanterns or tea light holders and arrange them in a cohesive cluster. Asymmetrical groupings of odd-numbered objects make for more appealing displays. Decorate a line of clear vases with tropical leaves or delicate stalks or experiment with mismatched vases of different shapes and sizes for an interesting and multi-layered spread.

Paper+White | Creating a head-turning centrepiece | Collection of Items | Travelshopa


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