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Spring 2015 marks a conceivable effort to find a connection to nature. Transiting towards the softer side of the colour spectrum, mellow brights, celestial pastels and nature-inspired neutrals are coaxed out of hiding into heavy rotation next year.

According to Pantone, the world-renowned authority on colour trends, the theme for the oncoming Spring 2015 color palette is ‘en plein air’, which translates to ‘(being) in the open air’. The reason presented being the increasing importance of quiet moments away from the distraction of sped-up connections and communications. This physical awakening is conjured up through soft and even-tempered hues that call to mind retro pleasures, enchanting tropical escapes, folkloric and floral art.

Hurl yourself straight into the daydream of Spring 2015’s ravishing hues! Ahead, we unveil the Top 10 Pantone Colours for Spring 2015, men and women included!



Top 10 Women’s Pantone Colours for Spring 2015


Aquamarine (PANTONE 14–4313)

Aquamarine is an airy blue with a dreamy feel. Gentle and calming, ethereal Aquamarine is a shade with a watery feel. Open and expansive, this restful blue also acts a calming counterpoint to other bright shades.


Scuba Blue (PANTONE 16-4725)

Scuba Blue conveys a sense of carefree playfulness. Despite it being a cool shade, the vibrancy of Scuba Blue adds a splash of tropical excitement to the palette.


Lucite Green (PANTONE 14-5714)

A soothing green shade whose popularity has risen in recent times, Lucite Green’s graceful tone is cool, fresh and clarifying. We love the minty glow that it exudes when paired against Classic or Scuba Blue.


Classic Blue (PANTONE 19-4052)

A perennial favourite, Classic Blue inspires calm, confidence and harmony. This dependable hue can be counted on to carry you through Spring’s playful sensibilities.


Toasted Almond (PANTONE 14-1213)

Bringing balance to the coolness of the Spring/Summer 2015 colour range, Toasted Almond is a sun-tanned neutral with comforting warmth that resonates with the spontaneous moods of spring and summer.


Strawberry Ice (PANTONE 16-1720)

This icy popsicle is appealing both in its cheerful warmth and refreshing spirit. Strawberry Ice is a confection colour that emits a flattering glow, and pairs beautifully with your summer denims!


Tangerine (PANTONE 15-1247)

Spontaneous and gregarious, Tangerine is a delectable orange shade that is energizing yet not jarring to the eye. Striking enough to stand on its own, this good-natured and friendly colour draws smiles like bees to honey.


Custard (PANTONE 13-0720)

Sweet and sunny, Custary is a cheery yellow with a soft and mellow warmth that brings thoughts of pleasant relaxation and fair-weather days of spring.


Marsala (PANTONE 18-1428)

Intriguing on its own and a wonderful contrast for other hues, Marsala serves as the foundation to the Spring/Summer 2015 palette. Sensual and bold, Marsala is a daringly inviting yet nurturing and earthy tone.


Glacier Gray (PANTONE 14-4102)

Glacier Gray is an unobtrusive gray that contrasts and enhances, bouncing off other shades without taking away from them as it slips into a supporting role. Timeless and neutral, Glacier Gray is above all, constant.



Top 10 Men’s Pantone Colours for Spring 2015


Dusk Blue (PANTONE 16-4120)

Dusk Blue is a lasting favorite shade for men; it’s enveloping calm blue hue reminiscent of the sky we’re all under. Dependable and wearable, Dusk Blue is a reliable shade that provides a comfortable retreat.


Glacier Gray (PANTONE 14-4102)

More dominant for men than women in Spring/Summer 2015, Glacier Gray boasts credentials as Nature’s most perfect neutral. Pair it with Treetop or Dusk Blue for a look that exudes confidence and a quiet charisma.


Treetop (PANTONE 18-0135)

Treetop is a natural and fertile green that is ideal as a reassuring background to other shades.


Classic Blue (PANTONE 19-4052)

Serving as an anchor to the Spring/Summer 2015 palette, Classic Blue is a shade that is strong and reliable. Due to its waterborne qualities, Classic Blue is also perceived as pensive and thoughtful.


Toasted Almond (PANTONE 14-1213)

Timeless and versatile, Toasted Almond is an organic shade that speaks to all that is natural. Pair it with Lavender Herb for a smooth and soothing blend.


Woodbine (PANTONE 18-0538)

Best described as nature’s neutral, Woodbine is a classic yellow-green that can be applied to anything and everything.


Sandstone (PANTONE 16-1328)

Sandstone is a stable and grounded shade. Rugged and woodsy, Sandstone is a complex neutral that has a warming presence.


Titanium (PANTONE 17-4014)

Strong, masculine and solid, Titanium is a gray shade that speaks to timelessness. Classic and tasteful, this practical gray shade holds timeless appeal.


Marsala (PANTONE 18-1428)

This robust shade incorporates the warmth and richness of the earth, exuding confidence and stability. Pair Marsala-flavoured chinos with a Classic Blue Shirt for a novel take on a casual weekend get-up.


Lavender Herb (PANTONE 16-3310)

Lavender Herb is a unique shade that intrigues the eye. Creative and distinctive, it immediately draw attention to its wearer.



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