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It’s that time of the year again to rip out the spooky shenanigans. Ensure your Halloween gets off to a screaming start with these delightfully creepy yet sophisticated home decor ideas! From indoor table settings to outdoor porch decorations, see what crafty and devilicious ideas we’re roping into our Halloween decorations plan for a long night of enchantment, fright and magic.



Go Bold with Your Door Decor

Entice the neighbourhood kids to come trick-or-treatin’ by dressing up your front door and porch in a shocking manner. A foreboding looking tree decal or dangly skeleton mounted upon the door should do the trick. Frame your doorway with overhanging ravens, bats or shrouds of cobwebs and cauldrons filled with withering branches to complete the hair-raising visual spectacle.

Decorate for Halloween | Halloween Decorations, Door Decor | Travelshopa



Splash Out on a Spooky Table Setting

A well-decked out tablescape with just the right hint of shadowy menace and humor can produce a gigantic effect on a halloween dinner party. Hanging Jack O’ lanterns with glowering candle-lit faces and fabrics or net shredded to look like cobwebs are some basic ways to decorate the table. Construct an eye-popping centerpiece and keep the tone uniform by sticking to a black, white, orange and gold palette. Don’t be afraid to pile on thematic props like ravens, skeletons, spiders and witches’ hats. Remember, everything looks creepier by candlelight.

Decorate for Halloween | Halloween Decorations, Table setting | Travelshopa



Be Creative with Your Pumpkin Carving

An indisputable halloween favorite, certain Halloween events are centered around pumpkin carving alone! Unleash your horror-rific creativity in your pumpkin designs. Some of the more inspiring ones we’ve seen include funny face pumpkin projectors that cast intimidating shadows onto the walls and pumpkins etched with intricate patterns and spooky silhouettes. Take the scare-factor up a notch by sticking creepy crawlies and other little dread-inducing nasties on to your carved pumpkin.

Decorate for Halloween | Halloween Decorations, Pumpkins | Travelshopa


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