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To enhance the sense of the home being a sanctuary, we pull inspiration from the great outdoors to invite a relaxing ambience into the home. An inexplicable connection to the natural world permeates our core, leading us to seek comfort and enjoyment in nature’s great beauty. So while passing the time in a space that references the outdoors doesn’t quite compare to the pleasures of sunshine and fresh air, it produces the effect of opening up your home to its environment and evoking a soothing sense of balance. Here’s how to bring a whiff of the outdoors in.



Infuse Natural Elements

Incorporating a few simple natural elements into your home décor can introduce that comforting sense of grounded-ness to your home. Wall-mounted antlers and resting skulls can act as stunning visual anchors whilst textured and twisted branches infuse a rustic and sculptural appeal to any space. Decorative objects with a found quality such as richly textured driftwood pieces; pinecones and raw stones help create an interesting contrast between their organic forms and the clean lines that feature in most modern interiors.

Natural Elements | Bring the Outdoors in | Travelshopa



Adapt a Playful Accent

Recreate the ambience of outdoor play in the form of an indoor swing or hammock. More than just sources of endless fascination, they bring a stimulating influence and lighthearted whimsy to the living room or play room. Pick one with natural accents and earthy textures such as rope, linen or rattan to further emphasize the back-to-nature vibe.

Swings and Hammock | Bring the Outdoors in | Travelshopa



Create Your Own Terrarium

A collection of glass vases or a terrarium can enact the perfect setting to display flowers, succulents, mosses and other interesting little plants and natural objects. One of our favourite ideas includes a single plant or frond suspended in a clear bulb vase – breathtaking in its simplicity. Terrariums are another foolproof way of introducing some green into a home setting. Faceted glass terrariums add some structural adornment to the landscaped plants within. Have a little fun with it as you frame your own little mise-en-scène complete with your own figurines and found objects.

Terrarium | Bring the Outdoors in | Travelshopa


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