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Hello from the tropical paradise island of Bali! It’s little wonder Bali is such a popular travel destination. Baptised by beautiful landscapes and blessed with a spiritual heart, Bali has so much for its people to revel in. A dreamlike getaway starts with a great resort or villa and for that, we’re glad we picked the brand new, Villa Windu Asri Bali.

Villa Windu Asri rests within a private enclosed garden, sheltered from the maddening sprawl of tourist activity in Seminyak. The grandeur of the colonial era, combined with the artistry of Balinese hospitality, creates an exceptional ambience for relaxation and repose after a long day of tireless exploration. It is here that a major pampering takes place – where white-washed columns, shaded verandahs and ornate fretwork harkens back to a more elegant age. The villa is a leisurely stroll away from the beach and (conveniently) only a few minutes’ walk from the Petitenget shopping enclave which is home to some of Bali’s best fashion and homewares stores.

Take a tour of our home for a total of 7 blissful days to get a glimpse of the beautiful interiors and A class Balinese service.

Villa Windu Asri Bali | Sitting Chairs | Travelshopa

Whitewashed furniture and resort-style accents in a refreshing blue and bright white colour palette livens up the interior space.


Villa Windu Asri Bali | Vintage Posters | Travelshopa

Vintage Bali-themed travel posters catch our eye every morning.


Villa Windu Asri Bali | Single Beds | Travelshopa

Gleaming marble and parquet wood floors are matched with geometrical patterned ikat rugs and coordinating bed settings in the spacious bedrooms.


Villa Windu Asri Bali | Patterned Pillows | Travelshopa

Draped four-poster beds beautifully laid out with intricately patterned pillows and cushions usher in a dreamless sleep.


Villa Windu Asri  Bali | Placemat Table Setting | Travelshopa

Breathtaking attention to detail and attentive round-the-clock service plump up our holiday experience.


Villa Windu Asri Bali | Decorative Vases | Travelshopa

Ornate handpainted ceramic wares are a Balinese specialty and there’s plenty to admire here at the Villa.


Villa Windu Asri Bali | Colour-coordinated Towels | Travelshopa

Even the pool towels are colour coordinated!


Villa Windu Asri  Bali | Lounge Chairs | Travelshopa

Four shaded pavilions overlooking the large pool creates the perfect setting for copious amounts of lounging up on the luxurious daybeds.


Villa Windu Asri Bali | Floral Centerpiece | Travelshopa

Stain-glass windows and a vibrant floral centerpiece stage a great welcome party for guests.


Villa Windu Asri Bali | Tropical Garden Landscape | Travelshopa

Bali’s spiritual atmosphere is intoxicating. Here it manifests itself in this secluded tropical garden.



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