Have you ever found yourself drooling over the picture-perfect bedroom tableaus splashed across glossy home and decor magazines and wondered what the formula to achieving a beautifully layered bed is? More often than not, it’s the skillfully mixed and matched patterns that contribute to that effortless pulled-together look. Coordinating and layering patterns can be a tricky art form – too many clashing prints and the room could induce dizziness and conflict, whereas a lack of varied textures and patterns sacrifice personality and warmth. Clearly, patterns are central to the mood and feel of your dreamtime nest.

Thankfully, beddings and homewares specialist, Maissone, saves you from the maddening frenzy of pulling together different prints and patterns into a cohesive whole. Its extensive range of bed linen from New Zealand label, Thread Design, is designed to give you the flexibility to mix and match each individual fitted sheet, duvet cover, cushion or pillowcase as they like. The beautiful eye-catching designs hold their own wonderfully but can be blended into different unique coordinates for an added touch of panache.

Maissone’s designer collection of bed linen is built upon the foundation of modern simplicity, boasting clean and crisp lines – buoyed by vibrant washes of uplifting color.

We’ve picked 5 stylish bedding looks by Maissone that demonstrate that patterns don’t just look good as a set but can be mixed and matched into exciting combinations that best compliment your bedroom décor.



Keep the Colour Palette Simple

If you don’t want to come on too strong, limit your palette to no more than three colours and one neutral. Natural linen pillows and a natural linen textured duvet cover balance the deep navy and mustard yellow present throughout the ‘Hexagon Mustard’ duvet and cushion.  A crisp white fitted sheet with navy tape trim and perfectly matched decor pins the entire look together.

Stylish Bedding Looks | Hexagon Mustard | Travelshopa



Mix in Patterns Through Colour Continuity

Pick patterns that have one colour in common and another that is similar to tie it all together. With ocean blue as the accent colour and a natural linen brown anchoring the look, polka dots and cross prints can be layered one over the other to build an interesting yet cohesive look. The ‘Ocean and Natural’ set pictured here brightens and enlarges the bedroom with its clean structured lines.

Stylish Bedding Looks | Ocean and Natural | Travelshopa



Pay Attention to Colour Intensity

When coordinating patterns, use similar strength hues together. Adhere to either a warm or cool color palette when mixing different patterned fabrics so that they harmonize better. Inspired by Scandinavian geometric print, the linen with blush accents of Maissone’s ‘Hexagon Blush’ duvet are perfectly balanced, exuding a warm comforting presence.

Stylish Bedding Looks | Hexagon Blush | Travelshopa



Play with Texture

Built from a neutral foundation that’s rich in texture, Maissone’s ‘White & Natural’ linen bedding is a great way to create visual depth and introduce the cosy atmosphere a bedroom needs. Natural linen paired with a neutral palette alends the space a rustic comfort for that cosy lived-in feel.

Stylish Bedding Looks | White and Natural | Travelshopa



Vary the Scale

When layering patterns, keep the mix visually intriguing by selecting a variety of patterns in different sizes, shapes and styles. Small repetitive patterns such as polka dots or stripes and large sprawling floral or abstract prints can coexist as long as they are of contrasting scale. This ‘Flower Girl’ bedding collection works beautifully in the girl’s room and can be paired with either solid pink sheets and pillowcases or white ones with darling little embroidered dolls.

Stylish Bedding Looks | Flower Girl | Travelshopa


Feeling inspired? Get creative with contrast, prints and patterns to create your own combination that suits your personality! Browse Maissone’s timeless range of bedlinen online! Read more about Maissone on Travelshopa.



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