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Travelling along Victoria’s coastline, our field of vision is greeted by rugged shorelines, foamy waves, and panoramic vistas. In the distance, the undulating curves of the mountains shrouded in mist and lush expanse of hilltop forests beckon – calling out to our wanderer’s hearts. Parks are enjoyed by leisurely folks, sometimes interrupted by a seagull’s impatient call. Enveloped by nature’s embrace, an exploration of coastal Victoria offers infinite breathtaking views and picturesque moments. Here’s our own collection.

Outdoors, Coastal Victoria | Park with People | Travelshopa

Beautifully landscaped parks are common, inviting families for daily romps and relaxed playdates.


Outdoors, Coastal Victoria | Seagulls | Travelshopa

Life goes by at a leisurely pace for these locals, who sit back to view the daily feeding frenzy.


Outdoors, Coastal Victoria | Misty Hilltop | Travelshopa

Misty grey mornings cast an enchanting spell over the hilltop forests.


Outdoors, Coastal Victoria | Seagulls | Travelshopa

Panoramic views are dotted with marine and coastal fauna such as seagulls.


Outdoors, Coastal Victoria | Still River Dam | Travelshopa

A moment of repose and recollection by the stillness of the river dam.


Outdoors, Coastal Victoria | Apollo Bay | Travelshopa

Apollo Bay, Great Ocean Road: Sheltered by Otway Bay and the Otway Ranges, the  valleys of Apollo Bay accommodate fishing, seal spotting and other water sports activities.


Outdoors, Coastal Victoria | 12 Apostles Great Ocean Road | Travelshopa

 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road: Magnificent huddled natural limestone formations carved by the sea.


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