Yacht Week, Croatia | Travelshopa

Open deck, open seas, open mind. A wine spritzer in hand and a travel diary in another. The vast beauty of the infinite ocean beckons as we set sail from the provincial town of Split, Croatia. The emerald backdrop of the hills and greenery recedes into a blur as our yacht jostles with the wind, venturing further towards the adventure that lies ahead – out on the Mediterranean sea.

Join us on our pictorial journey of Croatia Yacht Week through the Adriatic Sea…

Yacht Week, Croatia | Split | Travelshopa

Split, Croatia: a picturesque destination where the rustic architecture of old buildings meets quaint and cosy cafes, all undisturbed in the evening slumber of Summer.


Yacht Week, Croatia | Kastela | Travelshopa

Kastela Marina: The calm before the storm. Fellow Yacht-Weekers destined for the same route were gathered at the Kastela Marina port where it all began.


Yacht Week | Vis | Travelshopa

Vis, Croatia: Vis is one Croatia’s most remote islands – a true Mediterranean beauty with miles of pebbled beaches, grape-and-olive agriculture and overflowing supply of luscious seafood.


Yacht Week | Komiza | Travelshopa

Komiza, Croatia: Our last stop of our 7-day Croatian tour, Komiza remains a lively memory. Glistening turquoise shores and idyllic cobble-stoned houses form breathtaking vignettes of the town’s exotic natural beauty.


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