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To help put the “how to” into some of our favourite interior looks on Pinterest, we caught up with Allison Egan, online-based interior design extraordinaire, and the brains behind the inspirational design blog, Spicer + Bank.

Gallery walls are one of Allison’s favourite tricks for bringing visual interest and instant style to an interior. She strongly believes they are a cost effective way to turn a very blank wall into a focal point of the room and a wonderful outlet to express a bit of your individual flair!

After years of experience in the interior design world, she has come up with three surefire ways to create a gorgeous gallery wall in your home:



Eclectic and Quirky

I love the collected and layered look of a free form gallery wall. The key to creating a balanced and beautiful wall is to be sure to have a range of different mediums, I like to mix paintings, photography, drawings and graphic prints and also add pieces with some depth and texture such as a small mirror or travel memento. Don’t be afraid to use what you already have – I always start by pulling out all of the pieces I have stashed away, you never know what will work! I also love to mix and match frames and matting, remember the artwork is not the only component you can use to add visual interest.

Eclectic and Quirky | Create a Gallery Wall | Travelshopa



Single Colour or Theme

Grouping by subject or colour tone is perfect for displaying a collection and helps create a cohesive look while still looking free and creative. Variations on a theme could be grouping of vintage posters, nature photographs or using a single coluor palette like black and white.  I love that you can add to this gallery wall style over time or as you discover new pieces.

Single Colour or Theme | Create a Gallery Wall | Travelshopa



Grid-Like and Structured

For a more sophisticated and organised aesthetic, a grid-like gallery wall style works beautifully! It’s great for a more dressed up space like formal dining room or for hanging a set of prints. One tip is to always be sure to have a level on hand to hang the artwork – this style certainly requires a bit of attention to detail!

Grid-Like and Structured | Create a Gallery Wall | Travelshopa
My best piece of advice when creating a gallery wall is to keep an open mind and have fun! The sum is always greater and more beautiful than its parts so don’t worry if you don’t adore each piece of artwork on its own, it’s the balance of all the elements together that makes a gorgeous gallery wall.


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