Matter Prints

MATTER could very well be the label that inspired “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” – a socially motivated clothing line that sources artisan-made fabric from across global craft communities to create ethnic-inspired and hand-worked pants for the modern nomad.

Founded by Yvonne Suñer and Renyung Ho, the label combines a fervent passion for travel with the desire to positively impact the lives of the communities they encounter in their travels. Based in Singapore, the duo single-mindedly source out traditional loomed textiles and heritage prints by local and rural artisans, paying attention to the provenance and cultural origins of each garment. The unique textiles are then translated into modern styles for results that are nothing short of stunning.

Their first collection consists of a series of relaxed-fit pants adorned with custom Indian block prints and woven patterns. The pants also come in three shapes – The Classic Wideleg, The Reworked Harem and the Sideswept Dhoti – all of which have gone through rigorous modeling experiments and road-testing by women of all shapes and sizes to ensure that it’ll be a wardrobe favorite for a lifetime (or more). The pants don’t have zips and hooks, but instead are fitted with adjustable closures such as buttons, wraps and fabric belts for versatility in your look.

Say hello to the new wardrobe multi-tasker you can easily bring with you on your travels or just simply lounging around the house in style. Wearing pants was never so much fun!


 Matter Prints



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