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Channel La Vie Bohème with tousled beach waves, messy braids and layers of beach jewellery piled on high. Rival the beauty of the sun, sand and sea with some bling factor of your own. Look no further than these stores for your fix of beach jewellery that are best worn with billowy kaftans, printed headscarves and bronzed bare skin.



Asia Amour

Ethinic inspired beach jewellery

Available at selected fairs and private sales.

Asia Amour effortlessly blends breezy resort wear with exotic Asian flair. Chunky beaded necklaces and Cambodian silk necklaces with oriental knot tassels are some instances of the accessories you’ll find. Channel bohemian chic with their selection of ethnic-inspired jewellery that pop against the colourful prints and patterns of summer.  We especially love the bright woven chokers that come in a spectrum of flashlight hues that can’t help but stand out.

Asia Amour | Channel bohemian chic jewellery, ethnic-inspired jewellery | Beach Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa



Connector Jewels

Functional and versatile jewellery

Available online.

Have we ever set eyes on any piece of jewellery that has proven so versatile? You bet we haven’t. Connector Jewels necklaces come in a set of three and can be worn solo or swapped around to create innumerous styles. The magic lies in the connector clasps, which lend the necklaces their interchangeable quality. Despite it’s modular functionality, the necklaces do the job of ordinary beaded necklaces and are finished with semiprecious stones and other rare materials such as mother of pearl.

Connector Jewels | Beach Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa



Hanna Lee

Colourful, summery stackables

#02-15, Cluny Court, 501 Cluny Road, Singapore 259760 | #03-48, Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247909 | Also available online.

Hanna Lee offers tasteful and sophisticated jewellery that boast a designer look at a fraction of the price. The collections are trend-led and fresh off the fashionable streets of New York, London and Europe. There are beach options aplenty – with buildable silver, gold and rose gold plated teardrop necklaces, gorgeous statement cuffs set with semi-precious stones and dainty beaded wrap bracelets and bold summery stretch bracelets that can be stacked at whim.



Jasper Living

Handmade mix and match jewellery

By appointment only. Also available online and at various stockists.

You’ll have arm swag battles in the bag with Jasper Living’s superbly stackable handmade jewellery. Jasper Living has a wide selection of wearable beaded and rope bracelets with unique accents like embellished skulls and simple charms that can be mixed and matched with a bit of skill to form myriad of combinations for wear. Each piece of jewellery is named after the different streets of Singapore like Haji Lane and Emerald Hill so locals can flash some neighbourhood pride.

Jasper Living, | Wearable beaded jewellery, rope bracelets jewellery | Beach Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa



Paperbag Princess

Beach-ready jewellery

#02-18/27, Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 117429 | #03-18A Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247933

In addition to stocking Stones that Rock’s beautiful beach-ready jewellery, Paperbag Princess’s very own jewellery line, “The Muses and The Graces” is a series of 1920’s heirloom-inspired pieces sculpted in high quality 925 silver that is equally enchanting.  Look like grace and beauty incarnate in the necklaces, pendants, bracelets and cuffs, which take cues from natural forms and motifs like the intriguing dragonfly. Jewellery from Aussie label Elk and BuddhaWear extend the range of accessory choices available.


Paperbag Princess | Beach Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa



Stones that Rock

Classic semi-precious stones

#02-06, Acetech Centre, 19 Jalan Kilang Barat, Singpore 159361 | Also available online and at various stockists.

Stones that Rock are purveyors of contemporary and classic fashion jewellery that fashion a mix of fresh water pearls, semiprecious stones and crystals into luminous handcrafted pieces of jewellery. Their latest collection was inspired by the summer-soaked isles of Greece. Each piece is painstakingly handcrafted by skilled artisans with delightful combinations of stones and materials sourced by designers Leah Lambert and Annie Tsinonis. We imagine the semiprecious stones and crystals’ mystical lifting properties will tie in smoothly with a rejuvenating beach retreat.

Stones that Rock | fresh water pearls, semiprecious stones and crystals | Beach Jewellery in Singapore | Travelshopa



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