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Despite its army-related connotations, A.W.O.L. doesn’t have anything to do with being absent without leave from anything. The Singapore fashion label actually means All Walks Of Life, which was reflected well in their recent Singapore Designer Showcase at the Audi Fashion Festival 2014. Designer Alfie Leong shares with us how the roles people play to distract themselves from reality inspired him for his recent collection:



Tell us about this collection, what inspired you, and how is it different from your previous collections?

This collection is entitled: STATE OF MIND; it emphasises the lifestyle that we are living and the ideal imaginary state we can or hope to be in. The mind allows us to be in characters, away from our usual self. We imagine and hope what we could be, as such, I decided to do a collection to bring the different characters that I wish to see and that many wish to be dressed in. Every collection is different and this part two of my fall/ winter 2014.15 does have a different angle to show the audience something fun, something happy and I hope I did. I want my family, friends and lovely fans to enjoy the show.


Tell us more about your design process, particularly for this collection. What were some of the challenges you faced while preparing for the Singapore Designer Showcase? And when will this collection be available?

I only decided to say ‘YES’ to participate in the showcase a month before the show. As such, the process was not easy as I had just moved on from my Seoul fashion week fall/winter part one. Ideas were put together and thought out day by day with very little sleep. I have to thank my team especially. Only the part one collection will be sold in my new W.E. (workshop element) store @ 313 Orchard level 3, front row Raffles hotel, Japan, China and maybe Seoul. I never stop learning and every season I am growing differently, I would say. I have decided not to do any combined shows if possible. I will focus on my new shops and my new overseas missions. Next stop we will be showing in Tokyo with Yuji Yamamoto’s Nocturne #22 on 11th June 2014. The future plans are not confirmed but I’m seriously working on it. I will update you soon!


What does your typical day look like?

I am just a regular guy who love to create and busy with work, family activities, friends gathering and movies.


Which other local designers do you think are doing cool things right now?

I think Kmi from womb, Ling from Lingwu, Carolyn from Carrie K., Yuki from Yuki Mitsuyasu, Afton from Reckless Ericka, Barth from Tri-wall and so much more.


Name 3 local stores where you love to shop.

I shop in my own W.E. – workshop element lol.


If you could go shopping anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Everywhere is different. It may not just be fashion and each respective country has something to offer. Open up our mind and see, you will be surprised.


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