If you love locally owned, independent boutiques as much as we do, a great place to start (apart from the Travelshopa site, of course) is the wide range of luxe & vintage markets in Singapore. Once virtually non-existent, save for the occasional market that comprised mostly low to mid-range blogshops, these thriving pop-up markets have been burgeoning over the past few years, bringing in an increasing number of quality local shops that sell impressively well designed wares.

Whether you’re looking for a new indie fashion label or some luxury gifts and homewares to take home, these luxe & vintage markets are a wonderful way to get introduced to emerging brands and designers on the scene.




Fashion-oriented flea markets

Venue Varies. See website for details. Weekly.

If you happen to chance upon a flea market pretty much anywhere in Singapore, chances are, it’s a For Flea Sake market. The company organises flea markets so frequently, some of them even overlap. Their website allows you to search for the market that suits you best by date and series, which only goes to show how comprehensive a list of flea markets they have. Most of the flea markets are mostly fashion-oriented, but they do also offer arts and handicrafts, gifts, souvenirs, IT gadgets, and even F&B items here and there.




Wares with strong design aesthetics

Red Dot Design Museum, Groundfloor, 28 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069120. Once a month.

Held monthly at the Red Dot Design Museum, MAAD understandably offers items that are deeply rooted in strong design aesthetics. That means plenty of art, handicrafts, artisanal perfumes, candles, homewares, graphic books and other fun, well-designed items that range from clothing to home décor items. For quality wares that will tickle the design bug inside you, MAAD is the place to be every first weekend of the month, mark our words!




Community of creative minds

Venue varies. See website for details. Once a month.

Of all the markets in Singapore, Public Garden has a bit of an artsy, indie edge, with plenty of vintage finds and innovative crafts dotted throughout the market. Perhaps the best thing about it, is that more than just a space for talented craftsmen and entrepreneurs to peddle their wares, Public Garden is a free-spirited community of creative minds who either produce creative products (the sellers) or know how to appreciate cleverly created wares (the buyers) – although most customers are mostly a little bit of both!




Vintage finds

The Vault, 237 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058786. Bi-monthly.

If you thought Ann Siang Hill couldn’t get any more hip and happening, think again. Sunday Artists Market injects even more life into the bustling hill filled with conservation shophouses. Hosted by The Vault, Sunday Artists Market brings likeminded folk together to enjoy vintage jewellery, records, photography prints, contemporary art pieces, chill indie music and live graffiti shows. And when you’re done you could always pop by one of the neighbouring bars for a drink – sounds like a fantastic weekend, doesn’t it?




Established flea market

Zouk, 17 Jiak Kim Street, Singapore 169420. Quarterly.

Popular dance club Zouk transforms into a popular flea market full of great bargains, vintage finds, preloved clothes and other great fashion wares. Zouk Flea & Easy has been around a long time – almost as long as Zouk has, which probably explains why it has built up such a strong following, and for good reason. Where else can you find such great fashion items at such fantastic prices, and in a space as fun and youthful as Zouk?



Shopping Guide to Luxe & Vintage Markets in Singapore


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