Established as one of Singapore’s choice destinations, Journey East supplies unique, recycled and upcycled furnishings and accessories



About Established in 1995, Journey East is known for its unique, recycled and upcycled furnishings and accessories covering restored vintage and retro pieces, reclaimed wood furniture and premium outdoor furniture

Category Furniture, Interior & Garden

Price Range US$10-US$5000

Business Goals

  • To be Singapore’s premier destination for recycled, industrial and unique furniture and home accessories
  • To offer high-quality and well-designed furniture in a relaxed and thoughtful environment that is designed to inspire
  • To expand Journey East beyond Singapore and across Asia

Business Challenge

  • Creating awareness about and promoting recycled and upcycled furnishings and accessories to customers
  • Educating customers to make more environmentally conscious decisions for their homes
  • Limitations in utilizing mass distribution type of mediums such as mailers due to the niche appeal of Journey East’s products

Showcasing Journey East on Travelshopa

Not everyone has an innate understanding and appreciation for eco-friendly and reclaimed furniture, and Journey East is committed to educating people to make more environmentally conscious decisions for their homes.

Journey East carries lines of furniture that are generally reclaimed from old and disused wooden houses, giving new life to old wood. Additionally, the Journey East team is wholeheartedly passionate about increasing awareness of the aesthetic and environmental value of their products.

Due to the slightly more niche appeal of their products, the team has selected to work with online and offline publications with a particular interest in stylish, eco-friendly furniture.

1/ Long term collaboration

Journey East has been a partner of Travelshopa since its early days. The fact that Travelshopa focuses on local businesses and continues to pick out interesting places and products helps in generating a community that appreciates local retailers and designers, which in turn helps Journey East reach out to the right target market

We are thankful for the fantastic support Travelshopa has provided us.

2/ Editorial Efforts

The Journey East team believes that ‘word-of-mouth’ is still the most authentic form of marketing, The buzz around Journey East’s furnishings and accessories has helped in actively influencing and encouraging consumers to search for us online or visit our retail outlet.

It has been our honour to be placed on Travelshopa’s lists of recommended furniture stores in Singapore.

3/ Custom Content Search

We have had customers who found us through Travelshopa. Journey East believes Travelshopa’s efforts in providing good editorial content has generated more walk-ins and boosted both search incidence and readers’ interests in Journey East’s products

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