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There’s something about the illuminating glow of candlelight that sends us straight into an oasis of calm. Couple that with an enchanting scent and we’ve bought ourselves a short holiday from reality. Our guide to buying luxe scented candles in Singapore will help you find that perfect candle. Below are a few of our go-to luxe candles when we desire a spot of pampering at home or when we are on the hunt for gifts.



Intoxicating scents of Saigon

Available at Bungalow55 | Also available online.

Cochine’s collection of intoxicating scents captures the sun-drenched days and timeless elegance of Saigon that is sure to fill your living space with gentle warmth, romance and mystique. Each fragrance was dreamt up as a love letter to Saigon, recalling the spirit and exuberance of the place. Signature Asian scents such as Agarwood, Delentii, Jasmine and Water Hyacinth send subtle reminders of Vietnamese streets and riverbanks. Think of them as eau de parfums for the home, infusing personality into your space, inspiring intimacy and lifting your mood. Tree-hugging nymphs amongst you will be pleased to know the candles are made with botanical wax from renewable sources and essential oils that are ethically and sustainably sourced.

Cochine | Perfume, Frangrance | Luxe Scented Candles in Singapore | Travelshopa



Natural soy wax candles

Available at Trixilini | Also available online.

Ecoya’s perfumed candles are cult favourites of style mavens Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian and rightly so. Imbued with botanical scents such as coconut and elderflower, mimosa and white nectarine and french pear madison, the candles sure sound good enough to eat. Well, almost. ECOYA’s scented candles are made from sustainable natural soy wax that is paraffin-free and topped with lead-free cotton wicks, keeping them burning with 90% less soot and for longer periods of time. Transform your home into a sanctuary of floral-scented calm and you’ll be surprised how the perfect candle can make all the difference in your day.

ECOYA | Scented candles | Luxe Scented Candles in Singapore | Travelshopa


Indi Nyah   

Environmentally sustainable candles

Available online

A little picky when it comes to your preferred scent? How about a choice of 12 candle fragrances? Indi Nyah gives us just that. Blended with pure essential oils and soy wax that is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally sustainable, these candles are so safe that they also function as a perfect massage oil when it’s warm. Their fragrances include fresh flavours like French Lim Blossom, Wild Bluebell, Oriental Lily and our personal favourite, Amber Noir & Ginger Lily. Apart from these luxurious candles, Indi Nyah also boasts a range of liquid hand soaps and body creams filled with vitamin E, cocoa butter and essential oils.

Indi Nyah

Maison Balzac

Handmade Australian candles

Available at Beauty Candy Apothecary | Also available online.

Maison Balzac is a collection of scented candles hand made in Australia, inspired by childhood memories spent in the South of France. As with all things close to heart, Maison Balzac products were enacted with a spoonful of care and double servings of authenticity to deliver a product that transports the user close to home. Promising to be as intriguing as a tale by the famed French writer, Honore de Balzac, the complex and unique fragrances of the candles make for a bewitching experience. Handmade from a soy wax blend or beeswax, essential and aroma oils, a day with this candle steadily burning is our idea of a happy ending.



Seda France

Quality candles with creative packaging

Available at: Taylor B. Fine Design Group | Groovy Gifts | Also available online.

We’d hate to buy something purely for its packaging, but thankfully Seda France’s candles smell just as good as they look. Hailed the world over as the “gifts that need no wrapping paper”, Seda France’s collection of home fragrances has garnered glowing reviews from the likes of The Oprah Magazine, Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Lucky and Martha Stewart Weddings for its creative packaging and delightfully rich scents. Apart from the distinctive Pagoda box packaging that was inspired by the centuries-old French toile de jouy print, the wrappers come in a variety of shapes and patterns that are evocative of French luxury and decadence. It’s the perfect go-to when you need to whip up a wow-worthy present in no time.




Nature inspired scents

Available at Noden | Also available online.

With scents such as these, it’s no wonder Scandinavians burn more candles than anywhere else on earth. Take a leaf outta a happy Scandi’s book and light up a SKANDINAVISK candle. Its range of scents take inspiration from dominant features of Scandinavia – from the calm depths of the boreal forests to the crisp air of the fjords. Something about the intimacy of a room cast in warm and gentle candlelight tells us cosy shared moments are never far! Made of natural and mineral wax and hand-poured into a frost-painted glass votive, it’s everything we’ve come to expect from Scandinavian design and more.

SCANDINAVISK | Scented candles, Natural minerals wax | Luxe Scented Candles in Singapore | Travelshopa


Tine K Home

Classic scents with a clean, neutral look

Available at Dreamweave & Other Stories | Also available online.

Scandi-chic is written all over these scented candles by Tine K Home. If simple scents are more up your alley, then Tine K’s classic scents of Moroccan Rose, White Tea & Ginger and the wildly popular Green Fig will surely delight. We love the clean neutral look of the candles that will be the perfect accent for any home or a gift for the person whose preferences aren’t quite clear to you. If you would like to take your gift giving up a notch, these pair beautifully with the faceted glass candleholders also found at Dreamweave and Other Stories.

Tine K Home | Scented candles | Luxe Scented Candles in Singapore | Travelshopa


To Be Calm 

Luxurious and calming fragrances

Available at PasarBella and online.

Having trouble finding a spot of calm amidst your busy schedule?  The wonderful sensory embrace offered by To Be Calm’s scented candles will do just the trick. Luxurious fragrances such as Fresh Fig and Vanilla, Ginger White and Lemongrass are perfect for creating the atmosphere you seek that will indulge any mood you find yourself in. Let’s face it, we don’t always wake up feeling ready for what the day holds… To Be Calm’s thoughtfully composed fragrances help create the atmosphere of positivity and calm we need. We love that each candle comes with a reflective quote that echoes the notes of the fragrance, making it a gift with beautiful sentiment.

To Be Calm | Fragrances | Luxe Scented Candles in Singapore | Travelshopa


Guide to Luxe Scented Candles in Singapore


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