FIDE Fashion Week

Fashion week fever is fast arriving and as we looked over the fashion shows and other events to come, we couldn’t help getting excited over them. And with the other fashion weeks coming up throughout all of Southeast Asia, 2014 is gearing up to be an exciting year for fashion! Here are nine fashion weeks in the region to look forward to in the coming months!

Asia Fashion Exchange (Singapore)

What is it: Arguably the most glamorous event on Singapore’s fashion calendar, Asia Fashion Exchange (AFX) comprises some of Singapore’s most exciting fashion shows and events including Audi Fashion Festival, Blueprint, Audi Star Creation and Asia Fashion Summit. AFX caters to both trade professionals and consumers, providing fashionistas the opportunity to view collections by local and international fashion designers on the runway as well as generate thought leadership content.

When is it: 12–18 May 2014

Local designers to look out for: Audi Fashion Festival runway presentations from Saturday with designer Nic Wong, hansel with designer Jo Soh, Ong Shunmugam with designer Priscilla Shumugam, Exhibit featuring Curated Editions. And so much more!


Digital Fashion Week (Singapore)

What is it: Digital Fashion Week is the fashion world’s answer to the rapid growth of the World Wide Web. A joint partnership between DFW Creative, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter, Digital Fashion Week, the world’s first digital fashion festival, gives online users all over the world the chance to view fashion shows streaming live through their screens, as well as make instant purchases off the live runway.

When is it: October/November

Local designers to look out for: In Good Company, Al & Alicia, Max Tan, Mae Pang, Frederic Sai, L’ile aux Ashby, Pauline Ning, Thomas Wee, YOUYOU, Zen Chi (2013). The 2014 list is unreleased.


FIDE Fashion Weeks (Singapore)

What is it: Placing some of Asia’s most established and promising designers and couturiers alongside elite Parisian Couturiers and international designers, FIDE Fashion Weeks provides Asia with a global fashion showcase that bridges the gap between eastern and western designers. FIDE Fashion Weeks also marks Singapore as the third city in the world to have a dedicated men’s fashion week, propelling Singapore into the global fashion radar by encouraging the distribution of menswear and Haute Couture designers.

When is it: October

Local designers to look out for: Surrender, Frederick Lee, Love Bonito


Indonesia Fashion Week (Indonesia)

What is it: Indonesia Fashion Week unifies Indonesian’s most established and emerging designers under one roof and was first launched in 2012 with the aim of making Indonesia one of the world’s centres for fashion. This year’s Indonesia Fashion Week emphasised the value of “Local Movement” as a nod to the country’s rich cultural heritage in an effort to encourage the love and support for original products of Indonesia.

When is it: February

Local designers to look out for: Priscilla Saputro, Anne Avantie, Hannie Hananto, Priyo Oktaviano Couture, Ali Charisma


Jakarta Fashion Week

What is it: One of the biggest fashion weeks in Southeast Asia, Jakarta Fashion Week presents the latest collections by local and international fashion designers that often inspire the next year’s fashion trends. For Jakarta Fashion Week 2014, Muslim wear will be featuring in a dedicated category; by 2015, Indonesia is expected to be the centre of Muslim wear in Asia, and the world in 2025.

When is it: 19-25 October 2014

Local designers to look out for: Dian Pelangi, Jenahara, Major Minor


Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (Malaysia)

What is it: Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week offers fashionistas the chance to discover young, emerging designers as well as preview upcoming collections by established designers from Malaysia. The event also provides designers a continuous fashion retail platform that acknowledges and recognises locally made fashion and retail items, while emphasising ready-to-wear collections of the highest quality.

When is it: 18-22 June 2014

Local designers to look out for: Mizz Demeanor, Joe Chia, Pearly Wong, Silas Liew, Nurita Harith and many more.


Mercedes Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week

What is it: Bringing together top emerging designers from all over Asia, Mercedes Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week is a collaboration of 12 official fashion associations across Asia, namely China, Korea, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The event features once a year, each time in a different Asian host city, with this year’s being hosted in Kuala Lumpur.

When is it: March

Local designers to look out for: Duo by Joyce Wong, Joe Chia, Tanya, Crystal Wang, Yii, Depression, Ek Thongprasert and many more.


Philippine Fashion Week (Philippines)

What is it: Known as the “Olympics of Fashion”, Philippine Fashion Week is the Southeast Asian country’s biggest and longest running fashion event with 5000 designs, 900 model bookings and over a hundred designers and retail brands involved in each showing every year. The bi-annual event runs alongside global fashion weeks around the world and has earned a reputation for being launch pad for fashion designers, brands and retail outlets.

When is it: May & October

Local designers to look out for: Albert Andrada, Alodia Cecilia, Edgar Buyan, Jaki Penalosa, Oz Go, Ronald Mendoza and many more.


Viet Fashion Week (Vietnam)

What is it: Offering up a platform for gifted Vietnamese designers to showcase their talents and designs, Viet Fashion Week is an annual runway fashion event that kicks off with a one-hour red carpet event before commencing the main fashion show event, which showcases the latest collections by Vietnamese fashion designers from all around the world.

When is it: October

Local designers to look out for: Calvin Hiep, Thai Nguyen, Jacky Tai, Peter Phan, Vicki Nguyen, Cynthia Bui, Sachika Twins


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