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We’ve covered our Top 10 Women’s Designers in Bangsar, but Kuala Lumpur (KL) is full of so many brilliant designers that we couldn’t resist sneaking in one more list of women’s fashion designers in Kuala Lumpur that we absolutely love.

Here are five more local labels that span multiple styles, from bold, unconventional varieties, to exquisite bridal and evening gowns. Be introduced to some of KL’s most gifted and, in some cases, most promising designers – in fact, we’re keeping a keen eye on a few, so you might want to as well!




Available at 50, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47400.

Fashion lovers in Kuala Lumpur were devastated when popular label Gallo by Thian shut down, but, fortunately, the mind behind Gallo taken the plunge again with her second boutique, Bythian, bringing back her familiar whimsical, yet elegant styles for our benefit. We’re talking about Local designer Teresa Thian, of course, who first cut her teeth as a fashion coordinator at a department store but soon realised that she wasn’t quite living up to her potential. Starting up Gallo by Thian in 2006 was probably the best thing she ever did, as the label has since been featured in multiple fashion shows, from the Bangkok International Fashion Fair to Who’s Next in Paris – twice! And we expect no less from Bythian.

Bythian | Women's fashion in Kuala Lumpur | Travelshopa



Eric Choong

Available at multiple locations throughout Kuala Lumpur. View website for more details.

If you love Malaysian fashion and are hoping to wed in a Malaysian-made wedding gown, look no further than Eric Choong. With more than 20 years of experience under his belt, Eric has made a name for himself in intricate made-to-measure bridal wear that will surpass all expectations and leave you looking breathtaking on your big day. In other good news, he also recently launched Freedom by Eric Choong, a new ready-to-wear casual menswear collection in collaboration with F.M.S (freedom Men’s Style) that, though completely different from his bridal line, has proven immensely popular among celebrities and newscasters alike.



Joyce Wong

Available at and also available at various stockists.

Winner of the Malaysia Young Designer Competition in 2008, Joyce Wong later went on to snag another accolade at the Triumph Bag competition and, soon after, a short stint working under the tutelage of a renowned local designer, helping her hone the skills and discipline in fashion design. Perhaps her background in computer science has something to do with it, but her label, titled Duo by Joyce Wong often have digital overtones, with intentionally pixelated graphics and very structured cuttings. None can deny that her fashion style is definitely cutting-edge, with pieces that draw inspiration from big-name brands, but in a style that’s distinctly Joyce Wong.

Joyce Wong | Women's fashion in Kuala Lumpur | Travelshopa




Available at 15-1 Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru , Kuala Lumpur 59100 (opposite La Bodega). | Also available online.

For a hefty dose of ready-to-wear women’s collection that embraces all women – regardless of age or background, be sure to drop by MIMPIKITA. The local brand specialises in bold, timeless designs achieved through careful choice of colours and details that manage to play up the visual dramatisation of their collections, while injecting a classic, timeless quality into every design. Since kicking off in 2008, MIMPIKITA has achieved such great success they’ve branched out into other areas with two separate brands: KMEJA, which caters for male consumers; and REKAKITA, which specialises in home decorations.

Mimpikita | Women's fashion in Kuala Lumpur| Travelshopa




Yii By Alan Ooi

The curiosity of a child is an amazing little thing that often intrigues us adults. In fact, it has intrigued KL-based designer Alan Ooi so much that he believes that children, with their endless curiosity, are natural-born artists. Which is why he prefers to see himself as a child, and hence creates designs inspired by the world as seen through the eyes of a child. The result is exuberating designs that are often loud and in unconventional shapes and silhouettes, yet at the same time pulse with rather dark undertones that hint at Alan’s underlying maturity.


Women’s fashion in Kuala Lumpur


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