Baby Travelshopa - 06

We welcomed our baby boy, Michael Edward Lodens, into our family on February 20, 2014. While there is no need to go into the details of his birth, I am thrilled to say he arrived safely, and on time. It will remain to be a tremendously joyous moment. One that will hopefully stay very clear in my mind for all the years to come.

Many of the fabulous Travelshopa community, as well as our dear friends and family have asked to see photos of our son, and his nursery. While I have posted a few photos of him on Instagram (@reneelodens) I have not had a chance to showcase his nursery as yet.

Initially, I was clueless about baby boy nursery decor so I turned to PinterestHouzz and Project Nursery for inspiration.

I started pulling together my ideas under a Pinterest board named baby boy: fashion & spaces. I quickly realised I was drawn to continuing the neutral and soft theme of the house into his room. After sourcing a few new items (from local designers and retailers wherever possible), I did some shuffling of existing pieces. The room slowly came together. I also found it important to invite our daughter to gift a few of her precious items and her favoutire books to her new baby brother, to keep her involved in the ‘big’ change. We also placed a stool along side the change table so she can participate at nappy change time and bath time.

While the nursery is not quite finished (a few gaps to fill yet), we are home and settling in. We love spending time in the new nursery as a family, so I thought I’d share a few early photos our baby boy and the nursery progress so far.

Here he is at just 1 week old. I love the little details on his hands and feet. And that cheeky sleepy smile.

As for Travelshopa, I am taking a short break from full-time duties, though can’t help popping my head in from time to time. I’ll be back on board at full speed very very soon.

In the meantime, please meet baby Travelshopa…

Much love, Renee XX

Baby Travelshopa - 05Baby Travelshopa - 04Baby Travelshopa - 03Baby Travelshopa - 02

Baby Travelshopa - 25

Baby Travelshopa - 09

Baby Travelshopa - 24

Baby Travelshopa - 07

Baby Travelshopa - 08

Baby Travelshopa - 21

Baby Travelshopa - 12Baby Travelshopa - 20

Baby Travelshopa - 14Baby Travelshopa - 15Baby Travelshopa - 16Baby Travelshopa - 17Baby Travelshopa - 18Baby Travelshopa - 19Baby Travelshopa - 13

Baby Travelshopa - 23

Baby Travelshopa - 11

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Items sourced from:

Pouf / Make Room via Originals (Singapore)

Baskets / Taylor B. Fine Design Group (Singapore)

Elephant garland / Ni-night (Singapore)

Zebra skin / Hides4Home (Singapore)

Chest, Ceramic Owl & Wooden Cross / Galanga Living (Singapore)

Beige blanket / Asiatique (Singapore)

Lamp / John Erdos (Singapore)

Ceramic Stool / Pottery Jungle (Singapore)

Ladder / Woody Antique House/Woody Teak Collection (Singapore)

Clock / My Brother Albert (Sydney)

Romper & Rattles / Adrianne & Misses Bonny (Sydney)

Soft toys / Mostly gifted

Stool and shelves / Ikea

Curtains / Spotlight


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