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Everyone loves a good ‘ole baby shower. You get to play witness to the beginning of a brand new life, plus enjoy all the upsides of being around the baby without having to deal with the fuss and muss of parenthood. Cuddling and cooing? Yes, please! Midnight wailing and 50 diaper changes a day? Not today, sir!

But cuddling and cooing aside, a baby shower requires you to bring a gift – hence the name “shower”, as in “shower” the baby with gifts – and we know how much of a head-scratcher buying gifts for a newborn can be, especially for the clueless non-parents.

That’s why we’ve zoomed in on 12 local shops and brands that offer perfect gifts for newborns. From adorable onesies to organic baby balm, this list has got it covered. You can thank us later!



Baby Pixie

Fun, stylish and functional children’s clothing

Available online and at various stockists.

Childhood is a wonderful period in our lives – probably the only time where we’re allowed to have fun in every aspect of our lives. That’s what BabyPixie believes in, which is why they make it a point to design children’s clothing that is fun, stylish and functional. It’s here that you’ll find cheongsams for children on top of other clothing designs for children aged 0-7 years. Every piece is also handmade, hand-cut and, in some cases, hand-sewn for that extra special touch.

Baby Pixie | Gifts for a Newborn, Singapore | Travelshopa




Meticulously handpicked products from international brands

#02-15, 158 Kallang Way, Singapore 349245

If you’re looking for more than just onesies or baby’s toys for an upcoming baby shower, you may want to pop by Boo-tiful, which offers everything from baby toys to juvenile furniture. Even better, they’ve got gift sets for newborns beautifully packaged so you don’t even have to worry about wrapping your gift! All Boo-tiful products have been meticulously handpicked, and are of various international brands including Art For Kids, Dandelion, Elegant Baby, Petite Creations Little Partners and Bluebelle. Boo-tiful | Gifts for a Newborn, Singapore | Travelshopa



Chubby Chubby 

Babywear, designed and made in Singapore

Available online

Made right here in Singapore, Chubby Chubby is a lifestyle brand that offers fun and timeless products for babies and children ages, 0-5. Whether you’re sourcing for baby shower gifts sets or seasonal baby attire – they’ve got it all. Apart from designing fun and timeless clothing, Chubby Chubby also offers personalisation services on lifestyle products like bean sprout husk pillows and toys to provide unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for baby showers and other celebrations.



100% designer cotton fabrics from the US and UK

#02-29 Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259760 | Also available online.

We can’t get enough of raving over Cluny Court – is there anything this suburban gem doesn’t have? So it comes as no surprise that they’d have some great clothing for newborns here as well. We’re talking about Elly, which imports beautiful children’s clothing from all over the world that are a perfect combination of quality, comfort and fun with pieces such as their Wonderland and Twinkle dresses, and their adorable Little Man’s Shirt. Each design is created with only 100% designer cotton fabrics from the US and UK.

Elly | Gifts for a Newborn, Singapore | Travelshopa




Emma Laue

Kidswear for the tropical climate

Available online.

Melding classic designs with a contemporary touch, Emma Laue is dedicated to creating beautiful outfits for children up to the age of four. On top of that, Emma Laue designs are created specifically for the tropical climate, using 100% natural fibres for light and cooling clothes for your child’s optimum comfort. Each piece is also lovingly handmade by Emma herself, giving you quality clothing made with the utmost attention to detail.

Emma Laue | Gifts for a Newborn, Singapore | Travelshopa




Hand-printed baby bedding and accessories

Available online.

Feroza designs beautiful hand-printed baby bedding and accessories that celebrate traditional Indian block printing techniques. Made out of the softest cotton voile or cotton muslin, the featherweight and airy summer blankets, quilts and swaddles will make the perfect bedtime accompaniment for your little one even in the hottest climes. The blankets are sized just right for a toddler bed, giving your baby years of comfort wrapped in his or her cozy little blanket.

Feroza Designs | Gifts for a Newborn, Singapore | Travelshopa



Funky Frog

Customisable apparel

Available online.

If you’re tired of the cookie cutter designs found off the shelves in various malls across Singapore, Funky Frog would be just perfect for you. They specialise in customisable clothing for children aged 0-12 years. Simply choose the type of apparel you want, design it with your personalised text and prints, make your order and wait for it to be delivered. The process is just as fun as the designs are! 



Jack & Bunny 

Bed linen and accessories

Available online.

Jack and Bunny specialises in beautiful décor solutions to add style and comfort to any child’s bedroom. Their 100% cotton cot sheets are hand-embroidered in gentle, neutral tones and fresh designs to create a calm environment for newborns. Though the brand boasts a varied selection of linen, all eyes are on their accessories – especially the Rainbow Bean chair that is a clever take on the normal beanbag. Other accessories include framed prints, vibrant lampshades and throw cushions, and wall canvases.


Little Friends by Lamasso

Kid’s fashion with an oriental twist

#05-03 Beverly Hill, 61 Grange Road, Singapore 249570. By Appointment only. | Also available online.

East meets west at Little Friends by Lamasso, which offers clothing for boys and girls aged two to 10. Expect adorable little cheongsam dresses and Chinese-collared shirts for boys in quality fabrics, made with excellent workmanship. Founded by two Spanish expat wives, Maria and Lali, Little Friends by Lamasso was born out of a love for Asian culture, resulting in elegant kid’s fashion that melds oriental inspirations with western sensibilities at affordable prices.



My Baby Gift

Design your own gift set

Available online.

With a name like “My Baby Gift”, you just know that this online store would be perfect for a baby shower gift. Choose from one of their predesigned baby hampers, or design one of your own. Opt to throw in a bottle of organic baby shampoo, a personalised blanket, toys, socks, pillows, bodysuits or bibs – or even a bottle of bubbly for mum! She’ll thank you for it!

My Baby Gift | Gifts for a Newborn, Singapore | Travelshopa




Luxury art prints

Available online

You can now fill the nursery with elegant yet playful artwork. Sammyeve is where creative heads meet; with handmade art prints inspired by Swiss, Scandinavian, Japanese, Chinese and Middle Eastern designs. These luxury art pieces come in various designs – from toys, animals and robots to Singaporean inspired and Chinese zodiacs. Founder Samantha Dorris’ love of typography formed the foundation of her work, along with precision in colour and form. So do not be surprised if you encounter unpretentious yet vibrant designs at this boutique.




Safe, educational and innovative toys

#04-29, Mandarin Gallery, 333a Orchard Road, Singapore 238897#04-47, Jem, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore 608549 | Also available online.

One thing mothers always fret about is the safety of baby toys – they want to know the toys their babies are handling (and, more often than not, putting into their mouths) are perfectly safe and free from hazards of any kind. That’s where Zero2Six comes in. The online children’s store specialises in children’s toys and products that are safe, environmentally friendly, educational and innovative. If you’re looking for a gift for a newborn baby, head to Zero2Six’s “My First Toy” section, where you’ll find wooden wheeling toys, grasping toys and stacking toys – perfect for new bub.

Zero2Six | Gifts for a Newborn, Singapore | Travelshopa



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