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So you’ve filled your luggage with new clothes by Kuala Lumpur’s Top Women’s Fashion Designers, and now it’s time to drag the men out to do some shopping of their own!

Or if you’re not quite done with your own shopping and are tired of hearing them gripe about waiting around while you shop, why not throw them this list and leave them to do some shopping for themselves!

Either way, this is a must-have list of the Top 7 Men’s Fashion Designers in Kuala Lumpur for all you Travelshopas out there visiting Kuala Lumpur this year.



Bon Zainal

To arrange for a fitting with Bon, please email him at

Having been in the local men’s wear industry for approximately 20 years, Bon Zainal is a household name in Malaysia, known for his bespoke formal wear – and for good reason. In his youth, he worked under Rick Pallack, who has dressed the likes of Hugh Hefner, Sylvester Stallone, Arsenio Hall, Burt Reynolds and Michael Jackson, but now, Bon has made a name for himself for his expert workmanship and versatile designs that can be customised to look good on just about anyone, which explains his mantra of “real clothes for real people”.

BON Zainal | Men’s Fashion Designers in Kuala Lumpur | Travelshopa




Multiple locations throughout Malaysia.

Not to be confused with the luxury French brand with a very similar-looking logo, Crocodile is an international fashion and lifestyle label established in 1947. Founded by Chinese-born Malaysian Dato Dr. Tan Hian Tsin, the Crocodile brand has since become a staple in any man’s closet in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong thanks to great quality, classic designs and reasonable prices. Whether you’re looking for business wear, casual wear, casual sports wear, heritage-inspired suits or preppy separates, you’ll find all of them at one of their many outlets spread across Kuala Lumpur (and the region).



Fairuz Ramdan

Available at Fairuz Ramdan Bespoke. By appointment only.| Fairuz Ramdan for Parkson | Mystio Vintage by Fairuz Ramdan

If you notice that Fairuz Ramdan’s suits are a little short at the sleeve, or a little thin on the lapels, don’t fret; it’s completely intentional. Fairuz often veers away from conventional tailoring rules to create men’s wear items that stand out from the crowd. Using bright colours, his signature vintage style and the recurring motif of a teddy bear as a tribute to his beginnings as a kid’s wear designer, British-born Fairuz Ramdan’s fashion designs are innovative and quirky – perfect for men who really dare to dress.

Fairuz Ramdan | Men’s Fashion Designers in Kuala Lumpur | Travelshopa



Quhji by Kaer Kazami

Available at 7 Persiaran Sukan Seksyen 13, 340 Blok 6 Laman Seri Business Park, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia 40100.

Local designer Kaer Kazami has certainly been keeping busy. He made a name for himself after participating in a local talent show, launched a singing career, started up a clothing label, Kazami Homme (now known as Kaerkazami) in 2010 in Jakarta, and now, kick started a brand new fashion label – Quhji. While Kazami Homme features classic designs with a modern twist, Quhji offers a more daring stance that gives Kaer plenty of room for experimenting with different styles and concepts. If you enjoy unconventional designs with structured silhouettes in bold shades and cuttings, you’ll definitely love Quhji.

Quhji | Men’s Fashion Designers in Kuala Lumpur | Travelshopa



Regnum Lapideum

Available at 28-2, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 59100.

You might think that a past career as a marine biologist wouldn’t have anything to do with a designer’s skills in fashion, but you may be surprised. Local designer Silas Liew is perhaps best known for his keen eye for detail, a trait he picked up in his years as a marine biologist, which certainly attributes to his success in the fashion industry today. Having won Most Promising Designer of the Year at the Malaysian International Fashion Awards 2010, Silas is set to make his mark in the fashion world. He founded Regnum Lapideum – another nod to his marine Biologist roots – in 2010, and has since produced fashion pieces that are artistic, with somewhat of an ethnocentric outlook.

Regnum Lapideum | Men’s Fashion Designers in Kuala Lumpur | Travelshopa



Roslan Wilkinson

Available at Parkson Pavilion KL: Parkson Pavilion, Level 5 Pavilion, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,  Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 55100

Founder of the Malaysian Official Designer’s Association (MODA) and one of Malaysia’s best-known men’s wear designers, Roslan Wilkinson is an extremely talented and insightful local designer. Recognising that Malaysian fashion’s uniqueness lies in their culture, long-standing traditions, as well as youth culture and tropical climate, Roslan draws inspiration from all that, creating classic fashion designs with a twist of traditional Malay block print designs. His designs are well noted for their versatile nature; able to be dressed up when worn with a suit, but also dressed down when paired with shorts and sandals for a more casual look.



William Liew

Available at Sungei Wang Plaza, F016, 1st Floor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 55100 | Bangsar Village II, 1st Floor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 59100

Despite having a limited online presence, local designer William Liew is a force to be reckoned with in the Malaysian fashion industry. Having been around for over 20 years, William is well known for his contemporary, fashion-forward style. His eponymous label specialises in men’s wear and accessories, which he says is targeted at “the new generation men – the metrosexuals.” Naturally, that means distinct designs unlike any other that play on masculinity and femininity, with mesh tanks, floral prints and pussybows – yes, on men’s wear.



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