Out with the drab colours of fall, and in with the cheery, floral-inspired shades of spring! Yes, Pantone, the world-renowned authority on colour trends for each season, has released the colours for Spring 2014. And this year, you can expect some soothing pastel shades, with some vibrant pops of colour such as Cayenne, Celosia Orange, Radiant Orchid and Dazzling Blue.

In fact, the Colour of the Year for 2014 has been announced as PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, which dazzles on the runway as well as the red carpet, making for great accent pieces. So keep an eye out for Radiant Orchid this season – and we’re talking not just fashion, but also makeup, homewares, accessories and so on.

In any case, here are the Top 10 Pantone Colours for Spring 2014 – for men and women!



Top 10 Women’s Pantone Colours for Spring 2014


Placid Blue (PANTONE 15-3920)

A rare use of a pastel blue – which has the unfortunate stigma of being rather uninspiring – as a neutral colour, Placid Blue works great as a tranquil background colour this season.


Violet Tulip (PANTONE 16-3823)

Vintage lovers rejoice! Here’s a nostalgic shade that will evoke memories of the vibrant 60s.


Hemlock (PANTONE 15-6114)

This beautiful ornamental green works as neutral background colour that blends well with the other colours in this season’s spectrum.


Paloma (PANTONE 16-0000)

Paloma basically means dove, which is a perfect name for it. This soft shade of grey, aside from being phonetically a lovely word that just rolls off your tongue, is both comforting and comfortable – for the wearer as much as viewers.


Sand (PANTONE 15-1225)

A toasty, amicable, neutral beach colour, Sand reminds you of breezy and carefree days, and somehow makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Freesia (PANTONE 14-0852)

Perfect for the tropical Singapore, this warm floral colour is bright and energetic, bringing a spot of sunshine to any outfit.


Cayenne (PANTONE 18-1651) 

Moving into the brighter shades for this season, Cayenne simply emits a kind of high-pitched energy that will bounce off neutral and light tones to make for some really interesting combinations.


Celosia Orange (PANTONE 17-1360) 

Celosia Orange is a lovely shade – cheery and bright, but not over-bearing so instead of feeling assaulted by the colour, you feel comforted. Plus, it does have a rare touch of sophistication that orange seldom has.


Radiant Orchid (PANTONE 18-3224) 

True to its name, Radiant Orchid is a lovely breath of fresh air that acts as a bold counterpart to its more neutral cousin, the Violet Tulip. Radiant Orchid is a colour that works beautifully alone, as it emits a sense of drama, and an illuminating quality.


Dazzling Blue (PANTONE 18-3949) 

Add a sparkle to your wardrobe this season with Dazzling Blue, which is markedly different from the more, well, placid, Placid Bue. A more exciting blue that really pops, Dazzling Blue proves to us the blue can be a stimulating colour.




Top 10 Men’s Pantone Colours for Spring 2014


Placid Blue (PANTONE 15-3920) 

Already a male favourite, Placid Blue will make a lot of men happy to see this colour in the spectrum – as if they don’t have enough pastel blue shirts in their wardrobe already!


Purple Haze (PANTONE 18-3718) 

A deeper and stronger shade than the Violet Tulip in the women’s spectrum, Purple Haze is great for men who many not like overly bright shares of purple. At the same time, it manages to be a rather thoughtful shade, perfect for formal or office wear.


Comfrey (PANTONE 18-6216) 

Here’s a more masculine take on Hemlock. Cool, fresh and seasonally inspired, Comfrey is an alternative to military greens, giving men a little spin to their usual wardrobe.


Paloma (PANTONE 16-0000) 

Neutral and soft, Paloma is as good for guys as it is for the ladies – light enough for spring, and quite gender neutral so every one is happy.


Sand (PANTONE 15-1225)

Warm, agreeable and netural, Sand is a lovely colour that stands on its own, but also works well with the more vibrant colours in the spectrum.


Cayenne (PANTONE 18-1651)

It’s a universal truth that men tend to be more daring with their shoes than with their clothing, which makes the fiery Cayenne perfect for men’s accessories, such as sports shoes and ties.


Freesia (PANTONE 14-0852)

An intense colour, full of gusto, Freesia is frequently seen in active sportswear for men, but you’ll see a whole lot more of it this season.


Celosia Orange (PANTONE 17-1360)

Just like in the women’s colours, Celosia Orange is a strong colour that isn’t too bright, but comes with a depth that brings a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe.


Magenta Purple (PANTONE 19-2428)

The Pantone colour of the year, Radiant Orchid, is replaced with Magenta Purple, a darker but no less robust colour perfect for Spring and Summer without looking too flashy.


Dazzling Blue (PANTONE 18-3949)

For those who really dare to dress, Dazzling Blue will really be an exciting colour to look out for this season. Energetic and versatile, this shade of blue really pops and would make an excellent addition to your wardrobe.



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