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It’s time to set aside time the next exciting event on our calendar – Valentine’s Day!

Dress up a V-neck bandage dress with a bold statement necklace, or balance a sleeveless top with some bracelets and rings. Jewellery, like any other part of fashion, is all about self-expression – which is why we’ve put together a list of l shops that range across various styles.

Treat yourself to a new gem and dazzle your date this Valentine’s, or if you see something a little out of your price range, drop a hint to your date and you just might get a pleasant surprise this February 14 – just don’t tell him we gave you the idea!



Carrie K.          

Playful yet elegant handcrafted Jewellery

136 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 229838 | Also available online and at various stocklists

In just a few years, Carrie K has progressed into an internationally renowned brand with a steady following. Stocked in fashion capitals around the world including Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Italy and the United States, Carrie K’s playful and provocative approach to silversmithing and jewellery design has been undeniably well-received. Founder and designer, Carolyn Kan, lets her creativity erupt through her off-kilter designs. Her latest collaboration with Kapok includes a series of hand-branded leather cuff bracelets in 4 colourways and knotted silver, yellow and rose gold plated rings – take couple wear to a whole new level as these pieces are also avilable for your partner!

Carrie K. | Jewellery for my Valentine | Travelshopa
Carrie K. | Jewellery for my Valentine | Travelshopa





With a heavy focus on fashion and brilliant craftsmanship, Curator’s Den brings forth the minds of the young, imaginative and socially responsible to produce a mix of traditional and contemporary designs. We’re not kidding when we say their collections include an eclectic mix for both the young and old. The Stockholm Hammered Cuff, Ms Pac Man ring, and Bold Honeycomb Hoop earring will make your Valentine go ga-ga for more.

Curator's Den | Jewellery for my Valentine | Travelshopa
Curator's Den | Jewellery for my Valentine | Travelshopa


Eclat By Alison Yuen

Unique jewellery designs custom-made upon request

Available online.

Local jewellery designer Alison Yuen has always loved jewellery – even as a young girl. So you could say that starting up her own jewellery line is very much a dream come true for her – and it’s pretty much a dream come true for us too. Otherwise, where would we get these unique jewellery designs that are simple, yet somehow pop in a way that only Eclat designs can. Alison also places heavy emphasis on customer service, so she’s always open to answering any queries you have or even creating custom-made pieces at your request.



Elverd Designs

Glamorous jewellery at affordable prices

Available online and at various stockists.

Who ever said that owning glamorous jewellery had to burn a hole in your pocket? Elverd Designs is living proof that you don’t have to break the bank to add a touch of glamour to your Valentine’s Day outfit. This vintage-inspired local jewellery label doesn’t believe in stinging on the bling, creating stunning gemstone jewellery featuring stones such as Blue Topaz, Green and Purple Amethyst, Yellow Citrine, Black Onyx, Blue and Pink Chalcedony, Smoky Quartz and more. Some even make amazing Valentine’s gifts – so you may want to figure a way to drop this as a hint to le boyfriend (or husband!).

Elverd Designs | Jewellery for my Valentine | Travelshopa
Elverd Designs | Jewellery for my Valentine | Travelshopa


Grin by Anne Gedeon



Anne Gedeon’s line of jewellery is a statement in every sense of the word. Pearls, semi-precious stones, crystals and metals find unlikely partners in mixtures of rubber, plexi-glass and even felt to elicit head-turning combinations that are anything but ordinary. If the special one in your life is all for experimental and artsy pieces, Grin is the perfect match. Spoilt your valentine an interesting take on the jewellery with artsy, out-of-this-world creations in a traffic-stopping palette.



Lustre Jewellery

Affordable semi-precious gemstone creations

#04-00, 115 Amoy Street, Singapore 069935

Lustre’s natural semi-precious gemstone jewellery looks a thousand bucks, but costs much lesser than you think. The stones are sourced from India but handcrafted in ateliers all around the world including ones in India, Turkey, Thailand, China and Sri Lanka. Nonetheless, co-founder, Anaita Thakkar, continues to be very much involved in the selection of stones and designs. Due to the unique nature of each individual gemstone, no one piece is identical, offering exclusivity without the hefty price tag – you need not worry about spotting duplicates.

Lustre Jewellery | Jewellery for my Valentine | Travelshopa


Marilyn Tan Jewellery

Individualistic pieces with a timeless quality

Available at various stockists.

Having been in the local jewellery industry for almost two decades, you can be sure Marilyn Tan knows what she’s doing. Since then, she’s developed a reputation for creating individualistic pieces with a timeless quality thanks to her quirky nature that naturally shows in each and every one of her jewellery designs. And if you’re still feeling in the mood for some Chinese New Year-inspired jewellery, you might be interested in her new Tea Rose Collection – rose teardrop necklace and matching earrings available in red, salmon, ivory, blue, green and black.

Marilyn Tan | Jewellery for my Valentine | Travelshopa
Marilyn Tan | Jewellery for my Valentine | Travelshopa


Stones That Rock

Lighthearted and fun semi-precious jewellery

#02-06 Acetech Centre, 19 Jalan Kilang Barat, Singpore 159361  | Also available online and at various stockists.

If your jewellery style is more modest, lighthearted and fun as opposed to loud, bold and extravagant, then Stones That Rock is definitely the jewellery stop for you. Crafted with hand-selected materials such as fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones and crystals complemented with silver chains, silk ribbons and leather elements, Stones That Rock jewellery is perfect for the discerning woman who can appreciate designs that balance eastern and western influences perfectly.

Stones that Rock | Jewellery for my Valentine | Travelshopa
Stones that Rock | Jewellery for my Valentine | Travelshopa

Jewellery for my Valentine


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