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Aside from the red packets, delectable goodies and gatherings with friends and family, one reason why most Singaporeans love the Chinese New Year season is the annual Chingay Parade Singapore. An endless flow of floats bathed in neon lights, throngs of dancers dressed in stunning cultural costumes, dragon dancers, crowds of eager onlookers cheering and dancing to the sound of drums playing live from the floats – is there any wonder why Chingay proves to be a roaring success year after year?

If you’re planning on joining the party this year, we’ve got some fashion ideas to keep you looking stylish yet comfortable during the parade. In conservative Singapore, Chingay offers a rare opportunity to go all out and really dare to dress, so feel free to dress as flamboyantly as you wish! Yet, at the same time, it’s going to be crowded and warm, so you may want to keep things light and breezy.

Sure, you could simply head down in shorts and a tee, but why pass up an opportunity to play dress up? In any case, this is an excellent opportunity to do some extra Chinese New Year shopping! Check out some (or all) of these 7 stores, which offer fashionable pieces that won’t leave you drenched in sweat by the end of the night!




City chic meets resort wear

Available online.

Attaby is describes itself as the place where “city chic meets resort wear” which makes it just perfect for the Chingay Parade. Because this is where you can find chic clothing that would look great on Orchard Road, but with a resort wear vibe that will leave you looking fresh and hopefully sweat-free through the night!

Attaby | Red Shirt Dress | Fashion Ideas for Chingay, Singapore | Travelshopa



Cape Breeze

Breezy, lightweight clothing

Available at selected fairs and events.

Apart from their own eponymous label, Cape Breeze also stocks brands from Australia and South Africa, such as Maya Prass and Pintuck. Seeing that each brand is designed in countries that are certainly no strangers to maddening heat waves, every piece Cape Breeze holds is breezy and lightweight – perfect for the Chingay season. Their previous collections feature chiffon and cotton voile dresses, luxurious silk halter neck tops and printed shorts.

Cape Breeze | Fashion Ideas for Chingay, Singapore | Travelshopa




Light and comfortable pieces

Available online.

Firstly, we love Etrican for its eco-friendly philosophy, and the fact that their fashion designs are incredibly stylish doesn’t hurt at all. Their current collection features plenty of vivid colours and wistful, floral-inspired prints, making it great for getting into the exuberant Chingay spirit. Also, since they use only organic cotton for all their apparel, you can be sure each piece is light and comfortable even in the humidity of Singapore’s streets.



Lulu Bare

Simple designs in edgy prints

Available online and at various stockists.

If your taste veers somewhat towards simplicity, then Lulu Bare might be right up your alley. With a lovely collection of jersey and shift dresses in vibrant colours of pink and blue, along with lightly structured shorts in edgy prints, you’ll be spoilt for choice at their online shop, especially if you’re shopping for the coming Chingay weekend. Lulu Bare collections are also designed for tropical dwellers so you remain cool and refreshed even in the sweltering heat.

Lulu Bare | Fashion Ideas for Chingay, Singapore | Travelshopa



Paperbag Princess

Handmade fashion

#02-18/27, Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259760 | #03-18A, Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin  Road Singapore 247933 

For those who are particularly sensitive to the local weather, Paperbag Princess is just the place for you. They specialise in handmade fashion, created specifically for people living in tropical climates. And not only are their designs light and perfect for the weather, they’re also amazingly stylish, with brands such as BuddhaWear, Elk, The Muses and The Graces, as well as their eponymous in-house brand.



Picnic Sunday Vintage

Brightly coloured designs with vintage patterns

Available online.

One common gripe fashion lovers here have is the lack of quality vintage fashion options in Singapore – thankfully, however, there’s Picnic Sunday Vintage, which scours the world for the best picks of vintage wear and brings them over to satiate the dedicated vintage fans. With dresses that are often brightly coloured, with uniquely vintage patterns and loose skirts, Picnic Sunday Vintage’s style is just perfect for some Chingay Parade watching.
Picnic Sunday Vintage | Fashion Ideas for Chingay, Singapore | Travelshopa



White Ginger

Striking and unique style

#03-04 Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Road, Singapore 287994 | Also available online and at exclusive fairs around Singapore.

Whether you’re looking for casual resort wear, or stylish work attire, White Ginger has it all – though if you’re looking for something to wear while chasing down Chingay floats, we highly recommend their loose, lightweight dresses. More importantly, their style is chic, striking and unique, which goes perfectly in line with the Chingay attitude. White Ginger is all about helping women look good all day, every day, so you know you’ll find nothing but brilliantly fashionable items here.

White Ginger | Fashion Ideas for Chingay, Singapore | Travelshopa

Fashion Ideas for Chingay


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