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We know, we know. It’s not traditional to swap gifts during Chinese New Year – but some of these items were so adorable, we just couldn’t resist. In any case, gifts may  just brighten up those nieces and nephews who are too young to appreciate red packets, or even draw a few laughs from the adults who have, sadly, entered the red packet-giving phase of their lives.

That’s why we’ve come up with a wide-ranging list of Gifts and Homewares for Chinese New Year, ensuring that there’s something for everyone – from pineapple tart earrings to horse-themed stools.



Art From Junk

Handpainted, Peranakan-inspired furniture

By appointment only. | Also available online.

If you’re looking to spruce up your home this Chinese New Year with some handpainted, Peranakan-inspired furniture, then Art From Junk is just the shop for you! Take for example their Lampang Rooster Table, Peranakan Tile Table and Porcelain Coffee Table, all of which would be just perfect for vintage furniture lovers or those looking to get back in touch with their Peranakan roots. Either way, these skilfully-painted, cultural pieces would be perfect for the Chinese New Year celebrations – whether for those heartwarming reunion dinners, or for family to gather around while enjoying those delectable Chinese New Year goodies.

Art From Junk | Gifts and Homewares for Chinese New Year, Singapore | Travelshopa



Find Me In July

Small collectibles and trinkets

Available online.

At Find Me in July, you’ll find an eclectic mix of products, from beauty items to small collectible items. So why not get some trinkets for those energetic nieces and nephews, and keep them occupied for a few minutes at least? And while shopping at their online store, you could get yourself a new outfit or two, since they stock two labels: Soy Hermosa and Sherbs, both of which are as innovative as they are quirky.



Great Ocean Road Asia

Brilliantly coloured homeware products

Available at Shiva Designs Bespoke3 Namly Grove, Singapore 267298. By appointment only. | Also available online.

If you have guests coming over this coming New Year and you’re not quite sure if your home is festive enough, you may want to drop by Great Ocean Road Asia or one of their local stockists. Their items may not be Chinese-oriented per se, but they’ve got some brilliantly-coloured homeware products that might just inject a festive mood to your home. For instance, there’re the woven ‘Kitchen’ baskets (that don’t necessarily have to be in the kitchen), the red and white ‘Bull’s Eye” Antibes Floor Cushion, and some elegant-looking handmade ceramic candleholders to add a sense of serenity to your home.

Great Ocean Road Asia | Gifts and Homewares for Chinese New Year, Singapore | Travelshopa



Hacienda Blue

Intricate bone inlay furniture

Watten Heights, Singapore 287481. By appointment only. | Also available online.

Hacienda Blue may specialise mostly in Bone Inlay Furniture and Indian-inspired Designs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything suitable for Chinese New Year. For instance, there’s their four-drawer Zig Zag Design Bone Inlay Cabinet in Orange, and their four-drawer Leaf Design Mother of Pearl Cabinet in Pink, both of which would make perfect additions to your home, just in time for the Lunar New Year. Of course, if you’re looking for smaller items, they have some beautiful trays with intricate designs, great for serving drinks and Chinese New Year treats. We also spied some colourful wine coasters over the Christmas period – if you’re lucky they might have some left over stock!

Hacienda Blue | Gifts and Homewares for Chinese New Year, Singapore | Travelshopa




Kala Pata

Peranakan inspired stationery and gift items

#05-12, Bugis Cube, 470 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188735

Here’s another Peranakan-inspired collection of products to indulge in this Chinese New Year! This time, though, they aren’t furniture pieces; instead, they’re stationery and gift items in quirky patterns inspired by motifs often found on Peranakan utensils and crockery – but infused with a contemporary, almost pop art-esque, touch. For instance, opt for a yellow or purple greeting card with floral motifs, which will definitely stand out from the other glaringly red Chinese New Year cards, or reward a friend (or yourself) with some innovative notebooks and iPhone covers!




Quintessentially Singaporean products

Available online and at various stockists.

This wonderfully quirky shop has always been known for it’s nostalgic, quintessentially Singaporean products, and they’ve done it again this Lunar New year. They’ve come up with cute pineapple tart earrings, adorable pins in the shape of mandarin oranges and red pillows with Chinese New Year greetings written on them. Get them for yourself or for your relatives – either way, they make excellent conversation starters and might even save you the trouble of memorising those dreaded Chinese New Year couplets!

WhenIWasFour | Gifts and Homewares for Chinese New Year, Singapore | Travelshopa

Gifts and Homewares for Chinese New Year


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