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Online shopping is all the rage now, and has been for the past few years, with online shopping revenue in Singapore alone hitting the billion-dollar mark in 2010 – yes, that’s billion with a ‘b’.

And while online shopping has its obvious benefits for consumers like us, such as convenience, price and variety, it is amazingly beneficial for local designers as well, offering a low budget option for them to test the waters and get one foot through the proverbial door of the fashion market.

That’s not forgetting the amount of time these local designers and retailers get to save – especially for those who have full-time jobs, whether in the corporate world or as stay-at-home mums.

So it’s no surprise that there has been a great influx of quality online fashion stores in Singapore by local designers and retailers. And in recognition of this, we’ve come up with a list of some women’s fashion online local labels that have caught our eye over the past year.

Although each store differs greatly in terms of style, they all share one thing in common: an indisputable talent in bringing top-notch designs and craftsmanship to the fashion industry in Singapore. And we have to admit – we’re 100% sold!




Blackmarket offers free local delivery, though international charges do apply. They accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Paypal and bank transfers for all online purchases.

Most of us were crushed when Blackmarket shut down their retail store at Orchard Central. As a multi-label boutique that was most supportive of local designers, Blackmarket is easily a local label-lover’s favourite. Fortunately, their wares, which include a myriad of local labels such as Al & Alicia, Carrie K., evenodd, Ling Wu and SUNDAYS on top of regional and international brands, are still available online. And the good news is that they’re continuing their mission of supporting our local and regional talents – which can only be good news, for us as much as our budding designers.




Daughter offers free local delivery, though international charges do apply. They accept VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Paypal and cash for all purchases.

Founded on the idea of presenting the sort of lifestyle that aims to inspire, Daughter prides itself in offering a rich portfolio of labels that are both well designed and well crafted. These include brands specialising in fashion, accessories, bags and even scented candles, including Aijek, Bec and Bridge, Alex Monroe Jewellery and Collette by Collette Dinnigan. The online multi-label store’s style is understated yet stylish, with pieces that range from gorgeous black lace dresses by Aijek to vibrant floral maxi dresses and rompers by Yumi Kim – though they do have some comfortable casual women’s wear labels such as Zoe Karssen as well.

Daughter | Online Fashion Stores in Singapore | Travelshopa




Gnossem offers free local shipping, and free international shipping for purchases above $100. They accept Paypal for all purchases.

A list of local online stores simply wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of Gnossem. Easily one of the biggest players in the local online market right now, Gnossem stocks independent designers from all over the world, including Singapore, Indonesia, United Kingdom and the United States. Some of the local designers they support are: Aijek, All About 8, 20:TwoThree, Carrie K and Stones That Rock, just to name a few. But perhaps the most impressive thing about Gnossem is their philosophy is of believing firmly in doing things that make them happy. Which makes fashion a perfect fit, since it is fashion that allows us to fully express ourselves – and nothing makes us happier than having the freedom to be who we want to be. Gnossem offers womenswear, menswear and accessories, and you can shop by popularity, as loved by celebrities or customers, or feature, which includes the options: exclusive, eco-friendly and made-to-measure.



Inverted Edge

Inverted Edge offers free shipping for many countries, for orders above US$50.

It’s no secret that Asia is a fast rising economy, and with it comes a fast rising fashion market as well. In proof of this, a quick look at Inverted Edge, which offers independent designs from Asia, reveals incredibly fashionable and unique women’s wear and accessory designs. As they say, “the future of fashion is Asia”, so if you’re open to discovering fashion-forward designs by some of the region’s most exciting emerging talents, online fashion store Inverted Edge would definitely be a great start for you.




Modajar offers free local delivery, though international charges do apply. They accept Paypal for all purchases.

If there were just one thing that Modajar stood for, it’d have to be freedom. Namely freedom to dress as you wish, without fear of being judged – something which we know that fashion aficionados crave above all. That’s why you’ll find explosive, cutting-edge men’s and women’s designs by independent labels from all over Europe and Asia including Azumi & David, Demoo Parkchoonmoo, Horiyoshi the Third, Lerock, Mauro Gasperi and Mrs Design. These include designs that may be hard to come by, as Modajar makes it a point to offer their customers pieces that they may have never seen before – which is precisely what makes this multi-label e-boutique so special.

Modajar | Online Fashion Stores in Singapore | Travelshopa



Mode in Asia

Shipping charges apply both locally and internationally. Mode in Asia accepts Paypal, bank transfers, cash and most credit cards for all purchases.

There are high street brands, and then there are luxury fashion houses. But have you ever wished there were something in-between that was available right at your fingertips? That’s precisely how Georgina Soh felt, which prompted her to start up Singapore/Shanghai-based Mode in Asia, which offers emerging designers from across the region as well as designers who may be prominent in their home countries but whose designs may not be accessible to those living abroad. The designers they carry include Helen Lee, Lalalove, Dusk Till Dawn, J Apostrophe and Aijek.



The Buckhouse Refinery

Buckhouse Refinery offers free local delivery, though international charges do apply. They accept VISA, Paypal and cash for all purchases.

Here’s an online fashion boutique that caters for both Him and Her. They do have a retail space on Ann Siang Hill, but if you prefer browsing their individualistic high street brands in the comforts of your own home (or office) their website certainly allows for that as well. Women’s brands include Bones and Feathers, Hunt No More, Mink Pink, SFK and Wanderluster, while men’s brands include Era Ora, Marto’s Boardies and Somearethieves. These are, of course, just a sampling of the great labels they carry; for a full view of their clothing, bags, accessories, jewellery and shoes, you’ll have to check their website out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!



The Fashion Headlines

The Fashion Headlines offers free overnight local delivery, though international charges do apply. They accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Paypal for all purchases.

Discover global brands from all over the world at The Fashion Unlike most online fashion stores, The Fashion Headlines prides itself in being service centric, providing free overnight shipping, free 7-day returns and prompt worldwide delivery. Sure, there are labels from all over the world, such as women’s wear labels Rainbow People from France, Shona Joy from Australia, Absurd Laboratory from Hong Kong and Deborah Courtoy from London; accessory designers Josie Chen from Shanghai and Taara Jewellery, which is based in New York and Hong Kong; and bag brands Artessorio from Shanghai and Bracher Emden, but we love this store because they have some great local labels too. That includes By Invite Only, Arc, Al & Alicia, The Finest Maiden and Mystic Vintage, all of which hail proudly from good ole’ Singapore.



The Fashion Vein

The Fashion Vein offers free local delivery, though international charges do apply. They accept VISA, Mastercard, and Paypal for all purchases.

Shopping at The Fashion Vein feels a lot like scrolling through the pages of an e-magazine more than an online boutique – but that’s completely intentional. Not only does this new multi-label e-boutique (opened in August 2013) offer talented designers from the region such as Korea, Hong Kong and Bangkok, but they also present the latest fashion trends and practical fashion tips for the eager fashionistas. The Fashion Vein provides for the stylish man and woman, with designers that include Amuse (Bangkok), Arc (Singapore), Cassey Gan (Malaysia), Lovebird (Bangkok), Rue De Jeans (Korea), Sister Margaritta (Bangkok) and Social Goods Co-Op (Hong Kong). offers free local delivery, though international charges do apply. They accept VISA, MasterCard and Paypal for all purchases.

If you’re a fan of Australian high street brands, you’ll absolutely adore Expect to find exclusive Australian fashion accessory and beauty labels such as Minkpink, Somedays Lovin’, Evil Twin, Staple the Label and Black Chicken Remedies. New designs appear on their online fashion store every week, so be warned, shopping at can get dangerously addictive.

The WYLD Shop, Evil Twin | Online Fashion Stores in Singapore | Travelshopa

Online Fashion Stores in Singapore


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