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Forget those tacky animated e-cards with disproportionate cat illustrations plastered on their covers; nothing’s more personal than a well-designed Christmas card in print – holiday cards you’ll love forever – painstakingly selected from a sea of specially curated designs, with a handwritten note on the inside speaking your heartfelt wishes.

Sure, you could get that with your regular Hallmark card, but why not go one step further and send your loved ones truly unique greeting cards by one of these local designers and retailers? Pick from an impressive selection of beautiful handcrafted greeting cards; foil stamped cards with brush fonts, a letterpress design or even customise your own. Trust us, your loved ones will appreciate these gorgeous paper goods – paired with an exciting gift from our 12 days of Christmas gift guide of course!



English Folly Abroad

Quintessentially British stationery

Available online.

For those a little homesick for Britain or victim to anglophile tendencies, English Folly Abroad has just the thing for you. Their gift, textile, personalised stationery and greeting card designs are inspired by all things British, which is no surprise since the brand originated as a wedding stationery brand in the UK. They also offer bespoke services for personalised names and monograms on some of their products.



Kala Pata

Peranakan-inspired greeting cards

Available online and at various stockists.

Peranakan-inspired greeting cards may not be a natural choice for Christmas, but with designs as beautiful as those by Kala Pata, it’s pretty hard to resist. Kala Pata’s greeting cards feature Peranakan patterns and inspired designs with a pop art twist, melding culture with a modern artistic flair to perfection. Aside from greeting cards, Kala Pata also carries wrapping sheets and iPhone cases adorned with blue lotus motifs, and blue lacquer coasters. Great idea for a last minute gift!

 Kala Pata | Unique Christmas Greeting Cards | Travelshopa
 Kala Pata | Unique Christmas Greeting Cards | Travelshopa


Kalo Make Art

Great for the young and young at heart

Available online.

This Hong Kong-based bespoke card designer and calligrapher holds major bragging rights, having sold her work across London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Her Christmas collection includes a mix of her fabulous hand-painted illustrations and original paper hand-cut artwork. Printable templates are also available if you’ve overlooked a couple of friends in your list. Keep a look out for the cheeky Christmas robots inspired by the Nutcracker, reindeer, elf and snowman.

 Kalo Make Art | Unique Christmas greeting cards | Travelshopa
 Kalo Make Art | Unique Christmas greeting cards | Travelshopa


The Fingersmith Letterpress

Quirky letterpress designs

Available online.

Seeking a quirky greeting card that stays on the mind? Well, look no further. The Fingersmith Letterpress is an eccentric letterpress printing company that offers witty, fun and comical illustrations for wedding invitations, name cards, postcards and of course, greeting cards. The team has yet to launch its Christmas collection although, by the looks of its sneak peek, we’re expecting heaps of chuckle-worthy designs.

Fingersmith Letterpress | Unique Christmas greeting cards | Travelshopa


The Paper Bunny 

Chic and classy hand-lettered collections

Available online

If you love all things classy, sophisticated and just plain pretty, you will adore The Paper Bunny. Carrying a range of carefully crafted prints and gifts, the items at this Singapore-based stationery shop mirrors a style that is playful yet chic. Their greeting cards are no different; charming typography in the form of stylish and clean designs, foil stamped with modern brush lettered fonts and matched with premium envelopes. The Christmas greeting and postcard collections come in a boxed set of 4 and 8 pieces. Fun fact: The Paper Bunny’s Instagram account is filled with the most delightful ensemble shots that are oh-so Pinterest-worthy.

 The Paper Bunny | Unique Christmas greeting cards | Travelshopa
 The Paper Bunny | Unique Christmas greeting cards | Travelshopa



Guide to Unique Christmas Greeting Cards


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