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Homeware shopping may sound like a straightforward affair, but it’s certainly no easy task. It  usually means hours of walking from store to store, browsing pillows, lamps, wicker baskets, ceramics and other decorative items, scratching your head and wondering which piece would match your furniture best.

At Make Room, however, owner Barbara Fritschy is happy to do the head scratching for you. With a sharp eye for home interiors and years of interior designing experience under her belt, you can be sure that Barbara will help you find your own style and make your home or business a great place to live in or work at.

Her philosophy is to create interiors where you’ll be “Happy at Home”, which means helping you stay within your budget as much as possible. That’s why she offers her interior design and styling services in such a way that you won’t break the bank.

If you’re looking for more off-the-shelf products, however, you’ll find plenty of innovative homeware and furniture pieces in the Make Room showroom. Barbara describes the store as vintage, industrial, romantic, warm, original and European all rolled into one. So don’t be at all surprised if you feel cosy, snug and instantly at home when you step into the store – it’s just evidence of Barbara’s artful talent at creating a warm, homely feel with any of her interior designing endeavours.

Expect an eclectic collection of homewares and furniture. Apart from their in-house designs of hand-knitted poofs, vases and tea lights in 10 different colours (they’ve recently added new colours to their new collection), Make Room also carries three Danish brands: Madam Stoltz, Bloomingville and Nordal.

“Each brand’s style is incredibly distinct and unique in their own right, yet they complement each other and stand out in the Singapore market for their affordable and unique approach to interior styling,” Barbara shares with us.

The new autumn collection by Madam Stoltz and Bloomingville’s Christmas collection just arrives, so you might want to head down to the Make Room showroom to check it out. Madam Stoltz features some beautiful pieces like a thin, steel-coloured, minimalist magazine stand that would look great in your living room, and a quirky candle stand in the shape of little sharp-topped houses. While Bloomingville’s Christmas collection reveals stylish festive pieces that are understated, yet their charming designs find a way to catch your eye in any room.



Make Room

Make Room is located at #10-01 Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Rd, Singapore 169074. | Also available online.

Make Room | Stylish Homewares, Singapore | Travelshopa\


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